Strategic LTL Bidding for Minimum Cost & Maximum Efficiency

This paper details how SMC3 designed Bid$ense for complete procurement transparency, and how you’ll move ahead with ease and confidence toward best-choice carrier qualification and truly strategic LTL procurement.

In LTL Procurement, You Need Total Visibility

Procuring less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier services is anything but “standard” procurement.

In fact, without the ability to accurately assess carriers’ complex services and fees, any procurement professional is essentially operating blind.

Worse, they may be introducing operational or financial risk into their organization without knowing it.

  • A focus on securing the cheapest carrier pricing can easily mean choosing the wrong carriers; overspending; poor carrier service; increased claims or late payments; and even undermined profits and diminished corporate credibility.
  • The hidden value and efficiencies different carriers provide are invisible, making it difficult - at best - to build core carrier relationships or successfully secure reliable capacity over the long term.

Look to SMC³ for transparent pricing technology - to manage the intricacies of comparing pricing and service offerings across LTL carriers; focus on cost and negotiation savings; balance business risk with benefits; and confidently build the strategic carrier relationships you need.

Work With Your Best Carriers

Effective LTL procurement means smart information sharing between shippers and carriers.

So instead of using a constantly shifting LTL carrier mix, paper quotes, and complicated, disjointed bid information, join the savviest shippers and logistics service providers in North America.

They rely on the SMC³ Bid$ense® LTL procurement solution to choose from hundreds of qualified LTL carriers and achieve significant savings on their LTL bids.

It’s a minimal investment that makes maximum sense.

Maximized Relationships; Minimized Costs. It Just Makes Sense.

Maximize your LTL procurement process with Bid$ense and realize your optimized cost-to-performance ratio.

“We’ve been very happy with the number of carriers that Bid$ense can handle and its support of lane-specific information which allows carriers to get more aggressive with their pricing. Other tools didn’t offer the standardized templates for entering shipment data or have sound methodologies for analyzing and optimizing carrier selection.” Art Nourot, Director of Carrier Procurement, Unyson Logistics – A Hub Group Company

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