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How OEMs Can Use Ecommerce Platforms without Compromising Their Quality Assurance Standards

In this white paper, we discuss why electronics OEMs, e-commerce represents have a tremendous opportunity, and why many online marketplaces are struggling with counterfeit product problems, however, companies can enjoy the benefits of digitalization without compromising their standards.

B2B Ecommerce for OEMs without Compromise

Electronics OEMs can enjoy the benefits offered by e-commerce platforms without compromising their quality assurance standards.

Over the last 20 years, the digitalization of commerce has fundamentally changed the shopping experience for the better.

People can get apparel, food, appliances, physical media, and electronics that spark their interest delivered to their homes regardless of their location.

Recently, several B2B online marketplaces have emerged and offered to bring the benefits of e-commerce to the business world. As a result, analysts expect B2B platforms to make $3.6 trillion in revenue by 2024.

However, for all their promise, digital trading hubs are not without their risks. Specifcally, businesses have run into a staggering amount of counterfeit merchandise when bringing online marketplaces into their supply chains. That is a serious problem for any business. But it is especially direr for OEMs that depend on electronic components to power their devices and equipment.


  • Why so many online marketplaces struggle with counterfeit goods
  • The verification and validation problem
  • The foundation of a trustworthy ecommerce platform
  • The level of quality assurance the electronics industry requires
  • Enjoying the benefits of B2B e-commerce without compromise

Download this white paper and discover how companies can take advantage of the benefits digital providers offer once they become knowledgeable about the ecommerce landscape.

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