Acing the Ecommerce and Logistics Game Means Going Back to the Basics with an Eye on the Future

In this white paper, you will learn what supply chain leaders need to understand why logistics fundamentals will continue to shape the e-commerce shipping strategy and how to master ecommerce logistics.

Ecommerce Logistics Success is Only As Successful as Your Traditional Logistics Practices

Ecommerce growth has become part of the record books.

According to Eric Rice of Supply Chain 24/7, ecommerce growth in 2017 grew faster than it has since 2011.

Ecommerce increased 49 percent, moving from 10 percent of total retail sales to 13 percent.

Unfortunately, e-commerce shipping practices, although different from traditional retail shipping, still fall short.

Supply chain leaders need to understand why logistics fundamentals will continue to shape the ecommerce shipping strategy.  

What You’ll Learn in this Ecommerce Logistics White Paper

  • What’s Wrong with Ecommerce Shipping Practices?
  • Ecommerce Shipping Practices Require Logistics Fundamentals
  • What Are the Best Ecommerce Shipping Practices in Using Traditional Logistics?
  • Shipping Less-Than-Truckload Freight in Ecommerce: Shipping Online Is More Than Just Parcel Shipments
  • How to Successfully Integrate an Ecommerce Shipping Plan into Your Traditional Shipping Practices
  • Best Practices to Integrate an Ecommerce Shipping Plan with Existing Shipping Practices
  • Drop shipping for Ecommerce Practices
  • The Benefits of B2B Ecommerce Platforms for Dropshipping
  • How Blockchain Impact Ecommerce

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