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Leadership development is ALL we do. For more than four decades we have leveraged the power of leadership to transform individuals, teams, entire organizations and societies to achieve what matters most to them - with results that are powerful, measurable, and enduring.

Our innovative solutions are steeped in extensive research and experience gained from working with tens of thousands of organizations and more than a million leaders at all levels - across six continents and more than 130 countries. We draw from a world of experience across cultures, industries and disciplines, helping you with your real world challenges, and measuring the impact of our work.


Redefining Talent for the New World of Work
This white paper focuses on the effect that rapid, unpredictable, paradoxical, and tangled changes will have on the talent landscape, and it…


Truth and Courage: Implementing a Coaching Culture
In this paper, we speak about culture and cultures because in any given organization there coexist a dominant organizational culture as well…

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The Most Telling Leadership Quality of a Great Leader is How Well They Treat Others
Leadership is often and mistakenly thought of as the quality of your resume and of the quality of your accomplishments, instead, true and lasting leadership is how well you treat and develop others.
Aligning People, Processes, and Technology for the New Future World of Work in the “Gig Economy”
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LeBron on Leadership
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Kobe Bryant and Jeff Stibel Unveil $100 Million Media, Technology, and Data Venture Capital Fund
Kobe Bryant has announced that he was starting a $100 million media, technology and data fund with partner investor Jeff Stibel, the vice chairman…

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