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New FedEx offering aids U.S. customers with emissions-tracking efforts

Memphis-based global freight transportation and logistics services provider FedEx announced this week it has rolled out a new tool that provides its customers with emissions information in the United States.

Entitled FedEx Sustainability Insights, the company said this new cloud-based tool, which was created by FedEx Dataworks, leverages near-real time FedEx network data to estimate CO2e emissions (the number of metric tons of CO2 emissions with the same global warming potential as one metric ton of another greenhouse gas) for both individual tracking numbers and accounts. And it added that customers can view historical emissions data by account and also search by tracking number with their free login, with data displayed in various metrics, including mode of transport, service type, and country or territory for all eligible FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight shipments.

“We’ve heard from our shippers that they need more data on their shipping footprint as consumers increasingly weigh sustainability as a factor in purchasing decisions,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Brie Carere in a statement. “Through innovations like FedEx Sustainability Insights, FedEx is empowering customers to access the information they need as part of our mutual pursuit of a more sustainable future.”

A FedEx spokesman told LM that the launch of FedEx Sustainability Insights Insights replaces the previous Carbon Emissions Calculator (CEC) and consists of updated methodology and third-party verification of the methodology utilized in the CO2e calculations.

“When it comes to emissions, companies can’t manage what they can’t measure,” he said. “FedEx Dataworks is enabling solutions that not only help us measure and manage our own carbon footprint, but also extends those capabilities to our customers through tools like FedEx Sustainability Insights. FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith said that ‘information about a package is as important as the package itself.’ With FedEx Sustainability Insights, FedEx is putting the power of FedEx network data to inform emissions reporting as well.”  

When asked about the key customer benefits of this new tool, the spokesman explained that FedEx Sustainability Insights provides advanced estimated emissions visibility down to individual package shipments, taking data from the tracking ID, mode, product line, weight, and shipping lane and providing insights to enable more informed supply chain decisions at the customer and account level. And he added that FedEx customers can assimilate FedEx emissions reporting under their Scope 3 reporting.

What’s more, he added that in addition, the FedEx Sustainability Insights API (Application Programming Interface) is available via a pilot program in the U.S. only and can help FedEx customers optimize their supply chain and show their customers the environmental impact of a purchase using predictive (pre-shipment) and historical (post-shipment) intelligence, adding that API users can also provide customers with estimated emissions data for shipping options,” he noted.

“These new offerings complement FedEx Corp. efforts to reduce emissions in its worldwide operations in pursuit of a goal of global carbon neutral operations by 2040,” said FedEx. “As the company optimizes its operations, FedEx Sustainability Insights will support this goal by providing insights into further opportunities for network efficiency with data-backed predictive insights and modeling. To advance toward its 2040 carbon neutral operations goal, FedEx is focusing on areas such as electrification of FedEx pickup and delivery vehicles globally; more efficient facilities, fuels, and fleets; and investments in natural carbon capture.”

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