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Cloud-based, real-time fleet management system reduces the frequency and severity of impacts, cutting maintenance costs by 11%.

The proliferation of connected devices has transformed DCs from opaque boxes with insufficient visibility of inventory to a transparent hub that offers detailed updates of order status.

If you are ready and want to scale your business, how do you make sure you’ve got the right technology to do so, and will you scale your technology to align with your business’s development and growth strategies?

In this eBook, we’ll examine connectivity solutions that can address these issues and provide workgroups with the tools they need to be more productive, helping businesses run more efficiently.

10 methods to help increase, and potentially maximize the ROI of your TMS.

I get a kick reading “prediction” articles both prior to the year start and then again after the year is complete...when it comes to predicting the very dynamic supply chain management industry, those after year reviews can be quite amusing.

Award recognizes Taylor’s role in launching a groundbreaking omni-channel platform, as well as efforts to support education and advancement of women professionals.

It is no longer necessary to wait until an ERP upgrade is complete to reap the benefits from updating your SCM solution.

Growth predictions bode well for the cloud computing industry but recognizing the practical effects of that growth for your business isn't easy, this article will remove that confusion to help you understand what cloud computing is and, more importantly, how its applications intersect with your workplace.

As Big Data’s popularity continues to grow, it’s important that a business can handle the incoming information and disseminate it to the right channels - whether that’s employees across the office, or across the country at branch locations or satellite offices.

Frontier Business is making the transition to cloud-based technologies customizable, cost-effective and ideal for growing businesses by expanding it's cloud-based virtual communications AnyWare product to all 50 U.S. states.

Microsoft has teamed with SAP Ariba and Intrigo Systems to create a scalable, modern cloud-based platform to support the efficient, cost effective manufacturing of its most popular products, including the Xbox and Surface.

TEC report reveals how Oracle NetSuite is tackling global supply chain management with the cloud.

Only 5% of companies are considered truly “intelligent” enterprises, leveraging ties between physical and digital worlds for better visibility and actionable insights.

Learn how a true SaaS infrastructure can give users real-time benchmarking of transportation rates, and connect your company to a Global Trade Network. You can have aggregated data at your fingertips to determine if you are paying too much, too little, or just the right amount for the market – and that’s only one benefit of true SaaS technology.

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