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Company: Turvo

Turvo is the first real-time collaborative logistics platform connecting shippers, brokers and carriers to work together across the entire supply chain. Turvo revolutionizes the way things move by creating a standard way to share, communicate, and collaborate in real time. It is the most powerful platform to make smarter, faster, more informed decisions. Turvo takes away all the time and money spent doing redundant manual tasks and makes it easy to securely connect to anyone in real time.

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In this paper we discuss four key areas of disruption transportation and logistics companies need to focus on now, including new technology, new market entrants, new customer expectations, and new business models.

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Turvo announced the launch of its revolutionary "collaborative logistics" platform that empowers shippers, brokers and carriers to work together in real-time across the entire supply chain, the first real-time collaborative logistics platform that connects anyone, anywhere to move things. (March 30, 2017)

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