Fast, Faster, Fastest Learning from the Fast Fashion Groundbreakers

In today's world where nearly every consumer industry is moving to an on-demand model, if you aren’t looking to fast fashion for inspiration, you will need to catch up. By Amber Road

July 25, 2017

Just in the last year, "fast fashion" companies have gained tremendous market share because of consumers in search of the hottest trends at the best price.

These companies have executives from every industry – not just fashion – talking about the need for speed.

In surveys across various industries, speed-to-market has become the top market pressure for retailers.

Fast fashion leaders go from concept to showroom in weeks, with an ease of speed in step with the quickening pulse of fashion itself.

More than just lightning lead times, their entire business models are oriented around agility; they look for new trends and create shortened design-to-build cycles that can respond rapidly.

However, when it comes to being agile, normal efficiency practices don’t cut it.

There’s a limit to how quickly even the most organized supply chain can prototype, manufacture and ship.

This level of coordination requires visibility and digitized, connected systems able to orchestrate and manage inventory and get it to customers quickly.

Executives in every industry are discussing the need for speed
Amber Road’s eBook Fast, Faster, Fastest: Learning from the Fast Fashion Groundbreakers highlights trends in the fast fashion industry and the transformations companies must undergo to become more agile, including:

  • Streamlining the design cycle
  • Maintaining end-to-end visibility into all phases of the lifecycle
  • Consolidating data for collaboration
  • Leveraging data analytics

Don't fall behind - download a copy of this eBook to learn from the fast fashion leaders that are rocking the fashion industry.

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