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U.S. NAFTA Withdrawal Looks Very Likely

With the fifth round of the effort to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement about to start, the fundamental chasm between President Trump and Canada and Mexico remains.

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Amber Road’s solution enabled the Fashion company to centralize and automate their material management processes.

As we flip the calendar to 2018, companies with global supply chains should keep their eyes and ears open for these primary concerns.

As more and more shippers finally turn to technology to help them tackle their most pressing global trade issues, the software sector that supports it is looking ahead and figuring out what lies around the next corner.

Amber Road’s eBook, Digitization Creates a Strong Value Chain: Enabling Supply Chain Agility, delves into why agility is essential for the modern supply chain and its key benefits, including:

Digitization enables real transformation and it is the key to boosting revenue and achieving a competitive advantage, yielding three value factors through supply chain digitization, learn what these value factors are and discover more on the methods of transformation by downloading this eBook.

As supply chain professionals look to increase productivity; exceed customer expectations; and optimize costs – all amidst this recent season of constant regulatory turmoil – it has not been easy to stay ahead of the competition. Digital solutions provide the automation, collaboration and flexibility you need in your global supply chains to quickly address the changes on the horizon.

The global supply chain is comprised of a set of complex business processes involving many players spread all over the world. An effective Global Trade Management (GTM) digital platform must be able to handle these diverse functions and also integrate well with both systems and people.

Supply chain agility has emerged as a dominant competitive vehicle for organizations operating in such an uncertain and ever-changing business environment. Learn the 4 Key benefits of an agile supply chain with this eBook.

Digital solutions allow companies to quickly address the changes on the horizon by providing automation and flexibility. Check out this report to see how your company fares with GTM technology against the best-in-class.

Global trade professionals have endured a large amount of turmoil in 2017, potentially impacting every area of the business. This new report from Amber Road and American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) explores some of the main disrupters of global trade and strategies to combat them.

With the fifth round of the effort to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement about to start, the fundamental chasm between President Trump and Canada and Mexico remains.

Real time visibility into suppliers at every tier was once considered impossible, but now it is vital to the success of market leaders. With protectionist measures already coming into effect in the US, and with Europe and other nations soon to follow, collaboration with suppliers across all tiers is more important than ever.

By digitizing the global supply chain and leveraging collaboration, automation, analytics, and achieving flexibility, a robust and comprehensive GTM platform creates value by providing speed-to-market to stay on pace with the fast fashion manufacturers.

In today's world where nearly every consumer industry is moving to an on-demand model, if you aren’t looking to fast fashion for inspiration, you will need to catch up.

Amber Road’s expanded Free Trade Agreement Management solution automates the supplier solicitation, qualification and certificate management processes, enabling importers and exporters to take advantage of preferential duty programs and save millions in duties and taxes.