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Giving eCommerce Customers a Smart New Retail Marketing Channel to Drive Sales

SEKO Logistics is offering eCommerce customers the opportunity to increase sales and build consumer loyalty through a partnership with using their new SmartSlips™ Technology to replace traditional and increasingly obsolete delivery notes. By 24/7 Staff

A SmartSlip™ is a full color, printed document which combines both transactional and marketing content that is personally relevant to each individual customer based on their web browsing behavior.

SmartSlips™ offer a completely new channel for marketing and are designed to encourage repeat purchases and to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Retailers using Smartslips have seen increases of between 10-23% in purchases from existing customers.

David Emerson, Group Sales & Marketing Director at SEKO, said: “With pressure on retailers to make their customer acquisition budgets go further and achieve more, we see SmartSlips™ as an effective way to help our eCommerce customers generate more sales.”

David Emerson, Group Sales & Marketing Director at SEKO

“We’re looking forward to working with to roll out SmartSlips™ to all customers we believe can benefit from this great new technology​”David Emerson, Group Sales & Marketing Director at SEKO

“As the launch customer of SmartSlips™ in the UK, we can offer a new and innovative marketing channel for clients which will help add sales to their top line without any integration headaches to worry about.”

“We take care of that at the Distribution Centre. We’re looking forward to working with to roll out SmartSlips™ to all customers we believe can benefit from this great new technology.”

Every SmartSlip™ delivery note is bespoke to the end-customer and has a multi-language capability to cope with international orders.

They are batch-produced dynamically, in line with existing pick/pack and dispatch processes, scanned and sent out with all customer web orders.

Andrew Curran, CEO at, points out: “Some customers will opt out of marketing campaigns but every customer will get a SmartSlip™ with their order so no opportunity is missed.”

“SEKO is a great launch partner for us because of its leading position in retail and fashion eCommerce and its own best-in-class technology. Implementing a partnership with goes one step further in personalizing and improving the customer experience and is a perfect fit with the ethos and technology that are the foundations of SEKO. We see great potential to drive incremental revenue for their retail clients.”

“The SmartSlipTM solution maximizes the huge and previously missed opportunity to engage with customers at their most receptive time. By simply replacing a standard delivery note with a high-quality color document, intelligently personalized to each customer, the content is designed to drive customers back to store and produce a significant ROI.”

About was created by retailers, for retailers. We have a deep understanding of e-commerce metrics and the need to maximize Customer Life-Time value in retail. is focused on customer retention by delivering a better customer experience, driven by personalization technologies.

Our technology enables retailers to replicate the online experience in print and maximize the existing tools already in use.

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