Retail Store Replenishment Success Story

This case study shows how Robotic Product Sortation Systems were implemented to fulfill store replenishment orders for a fortune 5 retailer and provides 3 reasons retailers need robotic product sortation in fulfillment warehouses.

Customer Challenges

A retailer’s struggle to staff its regional distribution center was made worse by a global pandemic.

Picking more than 3.5 million break pack items using a manual put wall operation required 10,000 labor hours per month.

The retailer needed a solution that could:

  • Robotically Pick Diverse SKUs
  • Convert Additional SKUs
  • Automate Item Handling
  • Lessen Dependence on Labor
  • Deliver the Needed SKUs to Stores On-Time

Download this case study and find out how multiple Berkshire Grey Robotic Product Sortation Systems (BG RPS) were implemented to fulfill store replenishment orders.

Deploying robotic product sortation can increase order fulfillment by up to 4X with no additional labor. Included in this case study are 3 Reasons Retailers Need Robotic Product Sortation in Fulfillment Warehouses:

  1. Increase Facility Throughput by up to 4X
  2. Scale Throughput of Existing Operations and Processes
  3. Alleviate Hiring Challenges and Optimize Existing Labor

Download now and discover how Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Shuttle Product Sortation (BG RSPS) solution can help fulfill store replenishment orders.

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