Outlook 2023 Supply Chain & Procurement: Key Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Find out why leading firms are getting used to changes within the supply chain and why they aren’t being knocked off their balance like they were in the unfolding of the global pandemic and how they have become more resilient and more focused on the customer's needs.

Outlook 2023: Supply Chain and Procurement Report

The GEP Outlook 2023 Supply Chain and Procurement report details how supply chains will be wielded together with all other systems to Improve the collective good and the priorities that will dominate the boardroom this year and beyond.

The story of 2023 will likely be dominated by macro trends that were already present in 2022.

Inflation is at multidecadal highs across economies while GDP growth is slowing, and the overall growth story is worse than in 2022.

Energy costs remain distorted due to a combination of war, political tensions, environmental concerns, and supply chain challenges.

Interest rates are at the highest levels in recent years. Currency values are still out of sync with recent norms. And though most labor markets are in historically low unemployment ranges, the markets are softening.

Supply Chain and Procurement Leaders

Supply chain and procurement leaders enter 2023 with a lot on their minds.

The business outlook, stressed by war, inflation, interest rate changes, and more, will prompt many firms to take a cautious approach.

Despite the broader renewal that firms sought following the ebb of the COVID-19 pandemic, given these uncertainties, many leadership teams remain unable to take bold steps to reshape their future.

Leaders from supply chain and procurement must be ready to act.

These leaders will wield their supply chains to advance social causes and their corporate values. They will accelerate Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes. They will accelerate digital transformation. They will battle inflation with tools old and new. And they will recruit modern, diverse talent into their teams.

Seven Leadership Themes for 2023

  1. The Rise of the Corporate Citizen
  2. Speak Softly and Carry a Big Supply Chain
  3. Delivering ESG Outcomes Through Supply Chain
  4. Cultivate a Digital-First Supply Chain
  5. Leading Through Inflation: Think Outside the Box
  6. Rethink Supply Chain Metrics To Drive Value
  7. Remote Work: An Opportunity To Catalyze DEI Goals

These leaders offer something different. These leaders hold the keys to unlocking a brighter and more productive future. This is their moment - 2023 is the year for supply chain and procurement.

Supply Chains are No Longer Broken but Often Remain Bent

Find out why leading firms are getting used to changes within the supply chain. They aren’t being knocked off their balance like they were in the unfolding of the global pandemic. They have become more resilient and more focused on customers. They have slashed costs and reprioritized investments.

In 2023, leaders in supply chain and procurement stand ready to break out. They will drive their operations forward and into the unknown.

Download this Outlook 2023: Supply Chain and Procurement Report now and better understand how GEP’s accomplished consultants and technology advisors offer the perspective to help business leaders chart a successful 2023.

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