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Witron Company Profile

For more than 40 years, WITRON has been developing highly dynamic and innovative logistics and order picking systems for retail and industry. Logistics systems that generate sustainable competitive advantages for our customers. Planning and realizing the best solutions is dependent upon a variety of diverse factors. A consistent approach and loyalty to the company’s “Down-to-Earth” culture are the foundations of credibility and commitment for which WITRON is renowned.

WITRON Integrated Logistics Corporation
3721 Ventura Drive
Arlington Heights, Illinois, 60004
United States
847 385 6000
847 398 6140
[email protected]

Witron News & Resources

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Taking stock of food and beverage
Automation has probably never been more important to food and beverage as it is buffeted by a range of forces that challenge historically thin margins.

Automated Palletizing Can Pay for Itself, Say Robotics Experts
Warehouse operators are finding palletizing and depalletizing as tasks that are relatively easy to automate -- if one has the right robots, partners, and integrated software.

Automated palletizing pays for itself
Once viewed as cost prohibitive, facilities of all stripes and sizes can now find palletizing within their reach.

Fully Automated Omnichannel Warehouse
Listen to WITRON’s latest podcast and learn about the new Migros distribution center that is currently being built in Switzerland.

Interview with Karl Högen, CEO North America, Witron
WITRON celebrates an anniversary in 2020. The company from the Upper Palatinate region of Germany has been present on the North American market for 25 years.

The state of materials handling maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)
Materials handling MRO continues to evolve since we launched our coverage four years ago.

Witron begins construction of 189,400-square-foot frozen food logistics center for Spanish grocer
After the operational start at the beginning of 2021, the logistics center will supply 224 Mercadona stores throughout the autonomous community of Andalusia located in southern Spain.

ETG welcomes Witron as 5,000th member
Witron representative says the decision to choose EtherCAT was driven by a need to deploy the fastest fieldbus with simple configuration, installation and integrated diagnostics.

International Forklift of the Year Award winners announced
Jungheinrich claims two awards, and ties with a modular tugger startup for Warehouse Truck of the Year.

Smart Logistics 4.0: End-to-end optimization based on maximum data transparency
The distribution logistics is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. First and foremost, the change is driven by the market itself: Food and non-food consumers have completely new possibilities to cover their needs with E-Commerce and online trade.

Best Practices: Store-ready distribution evolves
Companies are recognizing the need to marry the interests of stores and distribution centers, but it’s not always easy to determine what is for better or for worse.

Top 20 systems suppliers, 2015
Building on their success in 2013, the Top 20 sustained growth in 2014 and are on track for continued improvement this year.

Increasing DC Throughput with Warehouse Execution Software & Warehouse Control Systems
Warehouse execution software and warehouse control systems enable new methods of wave releasing to increase throughput and keep workloads balanced.

Beyond long-term storage: 8 new ways to use AS/RS
These innovative AS/RS applications will help you think beyond long-term storage and optimize your automated storage investment in ways you probably never even thought of.

Equipment Report: Sorting it all out
New distribution requirements are driving dramatic changes in the way end users deploy conveyor and sortation systems. Here are a few of the most important trends impacting on today’s systems.

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