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1200 Ridgeway Avenue
Rochester, New York, 14615
585 697 9913
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Omni-ID is the leading supplier of passive, low profile UHF RFID tags and visual tagging systems for the IT Asset, Tool Tracking, Energy and Manufacturing and Logistics Industries. Omni-ID’s original, patented technologies for on-metal and visual tagging enables a broad range of applications to improve asset tracking, supply chain management and work-in-process.


Paperless Productivity Solutions for Manufacturing & Logistics
Pro-VIEW™ Asset & Work Flow Management System


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Retailers are Driving RFID Adoption and Propagating the Benefits Throughout their Supply Chains
Proponents have changed the conversation and have started tagging at the item level in what the industry is now calling a “source-to-store” approach

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Auto supplier eliminates paper, cuts labor in ... - Omni-ID
Omni-ID’s versatile family of products provides a complete range of tags and auto-ID solutions for tracking and identification challenges, with unprecedented accuracy, in any environment. “We are currently implementing the ProVIEW Pick system to multiple locations
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Omni-ID’s manufacturing centers of excellence are located in Rochester, New York and Qingdao, China. In addition, Omni-ID works with a network of trusted partners around the globe to identify requirements and create complete, customized solutions to meet the needs of its broad base of Fortune 500 customers.
Cassida Omni-ID Counterfeit Detector with UV ID Verification
The lights used in the Omni-ID™ were scientifically selected to brilliantly illuminate security markings in any lighting– even under the bright lights of a retail store! The Omni-ID™ is backed by a one-year warranty and Cassida's helpful, US-based support team.
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OMNI-ID @Omni_ID Omni-ID is a leading force driving the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in manufacturing and industry by providing complete auto-ID solutions.
Omni-ID Fit 220 High Temperature RFID Tag - (Pack of 10)
Omni-ID Fit 220 High Temperature RFID Tag - (Pack of 10) Omni-ID’s Fit 220 High Temperature Tag is the smallest regional RFID tag with the capability to survive cycling applications to +235°C.
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Omni-ID’s Power 400 is the ONLY combination Active and Passive RFID tag. Our innovative engineers electrically wired together the individual chips so that the Active can read information and ...
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