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When FRAZIER made a commitment to structural steel in all its products over fifty years ago, we transformed the storage industry forever. The advantages in the strength and durability of structural steel far outweighed the cost difference when compared to inferior roll-formed steel. With this fateful decision, not only did FRAZIER become the leader in structural steel storage racks, we revolutionized storage systems forever!

Fairview Avenue
Long Valley, New Jersey, 07853
United States
(800) 614-4162
(908) 876-3615
[email protected]

Frazier News & Resources

State-of-the-Art Temperature Controlled Cold Storage Warehouses
The design, which Preferred Freezer Services (PFS) calls their Generation III warehouse, is also an excellent, and very cool, example of what automated materials handling can offer in the right environment. It’s not quite a lights-out facility, but it is close. PFS, a third-party logistics provider (3PL), operates the facility with a total of just 30 associates in a 30,000-square-foot area set aside for receiving, palletizing and shipping.

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