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DHL Supply Chain, the Americas leader in contract logistics and part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, creates competitive advantage for customers through customized logistics solutions based on globally standardized warehousing, transportation and integrated services components. DHL Supply Chain brings sector expertise, global scale and local knowledge to design and manage supply chains from raw materials and manufacturing to finished goods delivery and return services.

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Three Key Questions: How to know if you’re ready for goods-to-person technology
If you’re considering a goods-to-person deployment, we provide three questions you’ll need to answer.

How Advances in Supply Chain IT Are Accelerating Digitalization
In today’s high-demand and increasingly digitalized supply chains even the most robust platforms don't have all the capabilities required to deliver the efficiency and insight businesses are seeking.

Technology & Innovation Issue: Transformation inspiration
So, if you’re looking for transformation inspiration, then July is your month. 

Is Goods-to-Person Technology Right for Your Business?  Working With a 3PL May Be the Best Way to Find Out
From shuttles to cube-based AS/RS systems to mobile robots, we are successfully designing, implementing and operating goods-to-person automation that improves picking speed, productivity, and accuracy.

2023 Virtual Summit: Orchestration front & center
Keep an eye open for your personal virtual summit invitation coming soon—this is solid advice you’ll want to put to work.

2023 State of Robotics: Measurable performance and integration come into focus
There were hordes of robots at ProMat 2023, but what are they doing for operations in terms of high-value applications, and how do they integrate to help material flow? To find out, we asked a few exhibitors about the top warehouse robotic apps and trends.

For Carhartt, necessity is the mother of automation
An iconic American brand is partnering with DHL Supply Chain to build out a network to meet soaring demand. It's also turning to flexible automation to optimize operations.

Robotics: Enthusiasm is translating into investment
This issue was designed to be a bit of a primer, a push to inspire those readers who’ve been on the fence, but are now moving forward on their plans to evaluate and apply some level of robotics and automation into their operations.

Flexible automation at Carhartt
In an Ohio facility, the apparel brand and its 3PL partner are working with AMRs to process as many as 110,000 units in a day.

DHL Supply Chain expands global partnership with Locus Robotics to deploy 5,000 AMRs across multiple sites
Expansion deal is seen as the industry’s largest AMR deal, with the additional bots expected to be integrated into DHL's operations by the end of this year.

Freight Forwarders: Technology as the key differentiator
Analysts expect the percentage of cargo booked and shipped through completely digital platforms to double to nearly 20% by 2024. To accommodate this rapid growth, large forwarders are investing heavily in digital offerings for booking, quoting, tracking, and invoicing—the ones who don’t will be left behind.

To Efficiently Unload Trucks, You First Need to Dance
A Winning Collaboration Between DHL Supply Chain and Boston Dynamics

Behind the Scenes of the Strategic Collaboration Between Boston Dynamics and DHL Supply Chain
In this article, DHL experts Brian Gaunt, senior director of operations development, and Matthew Dippold, director of operations development, discuss the development process and the innovative solution that resulted from the strategic collaboration between Boston Dynamics and DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain achieves first commercial deployment of Boston Dynamics’ Stretch robot
The successful deployment of Stretch comes just one year after DHL Supply Chain announced its $15 million investment in robotics solutions from Boston Dynamics.

Three Steps for Keeping Returns from Undermining Peak Season Success
With disciplined, scalable and integrated approach to e-commerce order fulfillment and returns management, DHL Supply Chain is well positioned to help retailers efficiently and profitably manage the holiday peak season and the post-holiday returns peak.

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