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1060 La Avenida Street
Mountain View, California, 94043
(888) 611-2351, (650) 265-6100, (650) 276-3844
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Cargo Chief is a highly innovative third party logistics company developing advanced, Award-winning, Patented, proprietary technology to deliver an exceptional level of service to shippers. Our platform enables seamless integration with our Carriers and Partners resulting in the access to 500,000+ trucks. Cargo Chief’s leading logistics solutions provide enhanced services like: Cargo Locate® our own 24/7 real time on-map tracking, instant pricing and automated persistent carrier insurance and safety compliance.

Cargo Chief combines hundreds of years of industry experience with Silicon Valley technologist and innovation to fuel rapid growth. Today, Cargo Chief is backed by venture capital partners, private equity investors, and CEOs from a $2B logistics company and the largest regional railroad. With these advantages, combined with leading edge technologists developing industry leading technology and experienced executives from the Transportation Industry, Cargo Chief provides excellent logistics services that save small and medium sized shippers time and money.

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Armstrong & Associates Highlights the Inaccuracy of the Term “Uber for Trucking”
The leading Third-Party Logistics market research firm profiled 27 companies providing "Uber for Trucking" solutions, and its research concludes that "Digital Freight Matching" is a much more apt description.
Disintermediation to Hit Freight Brokerage
Now, shippers can work with apps and network connections to collaborate with carriers to take advantage of operational savings opportunities…

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