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Aite Group is an independent research and advisory firm focused on business, technology, and regulatory issues and their impact on the financial services industry. With expertise in banking, payments, securities & investments, and insurance, Aite Group’s analysts deliver comprehensive, actionable advice to key market participants in financial services.

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Aite Group
101 Arch Street
Suite 501
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110
United States

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Treasury Management Systems and Supply Chain Finance
The scenario proposed in this paper is that treasury TMSs can provide the right technology solution to support the execution of complex business problems. The document will also demonstrate that the integration between TMS technology and SCF solutions is today not a nice-to-have option but has become almost a necessity.

Supply Chain Finance Inertia Costing Corporates Billions; CFOs to Grow Company Value
Supply Chain Finance Inertia Costing Corporates Billions; Kyriba / Aite Group Research Highlights Opportunities for CFOs to Grow Company Value. Gap Between Corporations’ Desire to Introduce Reverse Factoring and Dynamic Discounting, and Implementation of Processes and Programs examined.

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