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Adelante facilitates the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and best practices between Supply Chain and Logistics executives in a private, trusted, and solicitation-free environment. Members gain practical knowledge and advice directly from other leaders that they can apply immediately at their companies to reduce costs, drive top-line growth, enhance customer loyalty, and differentiate themselves. Our services include Talking Logistics, an online video talk show and blog featuring thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry.

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BluJay research focuses on the need to build resilient supply chains
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact supply chain operations a new study issued this week, which was commissioned by supply chain software and services provider BluJay Solutions and conducted by Adelante SCM, in partnership with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), examined how shippers have worked their way through COVID-19-driven supply chain disruption and also what they plan to do in order to have more resilient supply chains.

Industry Study looks at Inventory Management as a Critical Function within Omni-Channel Logistics
LEGACY Supply Chain Services and Adrian Gonzalez, president of Adelante SCM, have released the findings from their 2018 research study on inventory management trends within omni-channel logistics, and it's extremely interesting.

Report: Customer experience is driving supply chain innovation
Research from BluJay Solutions and Adelante SCM indicates that leaders prioritize customers, integrated technology solutions, and supply chain connectivity and visibility.

2015 Top 50 Global & Domestic U.S. Third-Party Logistics Providers
Following last year’s merger and acquisition frenzy, the speed of technology implementation by the new “mega 3PLs” will need to keep pace with the evolving challenges of omni-channel fulfillment, and those providers that meet shipper needs will remain dominant.

Unpacking Risk Shifting
With poor commercial practices currently in place in the 3PL industry, the goal of this white paper is to help GSCs and 3PLs be more aware of the need to create fair and balanced commercial agreements that promote healthy businesses on both sides.

How Can Supply Chain Management Enable Profitable Growth?
Getting to the answer requires retailers to take a broader, more strategic perspective of supply chain management, one that goes beyond defining supply chain excellence only in terms of cost reduction and control.

Shifting Risk and Meeting in the Middle Might Be Key to Shipper & Third-Party Logistics Relations
The issue of 3PL commoditization has been repeatedly raised, with 3PLs expressing the desire for shippers to view them more as strategic partners and not just as suppliers.

How Supply Chains Can Keep Up With Today’s Retail Consumer Demands
Between a consumer-led revolution, competition from Amazon, international sourcing, and port shutdowns, retail supply chains are challenged like never before - a new e-book and self-assessment tool offer benchmarks and insights into how supply chains can indeed keep up with the retail consumer.

6 Fundamental Supply Chain Disciplines Retail Leaders of Tomorrow Must Master
“Simply put, the era of mass merchandising is giving way to a new era: personalized merchandising where retailers are customizing their offerings for each consumer instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Interactively Evaluating Supply Chain Performance
LEGACY Supply Chain Services has launched an interactive tool and ebook designed to help retailers evaluate their own supply chain performance, and identify opportunities for improvement.

2014/15 Top 50 Global & Domestic U.S. Third-Party Logistics Providers
In the wake of the recent acquisition of Norbert Dentressangle by XPO Logistics, the logistics community is bracing for even more major consolidation deals, and the third-party logistics provider (3PL) community is loving it, especially as their margins continue to widen - particularly throughout North America.

Google Will Acquire a 3PL – And Other Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2015
I limited myself to just six predictions, although I believe many of the predictions I made last year (and the year before that) will continue to play out in 2015 and beyond.

2012 Top 50 Global & Top 30 Domestic 3PLs
Finding the right 3PL in today’s global marketplace involves looking beyond the provider’s “vision” statement. And there’s still an element of prognostication involved once a short list of the Top 50 has been whittled down.

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