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Addverb is a leading global robotics company, providing intra-logistics automation solutions, operating from five continents with a multidisciplinary team of more than 600 engineers and R&D experts.

Through the synergy of our hardware and software,we provide your supply chain speed, agility and modularity.. Our extensive product portfolio enables us to deliver innovative solutions by merging both fixed and flexible automation which includes AMR and AGV Fork Trucks and Picking Systems, Carton Shuttles,Voice Pick, ASRS, Racking, Conveyor Systems, as well as end to end warehouse management and execution software. Our world-class manufacturing facility, where “Robots make Robots” allows us to deliver highly reliable and robust products in a short span of time.

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Addverb Technologies
5 Park Plaza
Suite 250
Irvine, California, 92614
United States
[email protected]

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Warehouse Practices Analyzed for Operations Overhaul
Warehouse Practices Analyzed for Operations Overhaul
Addverb Technologies' client replaces its distributor model by directly serving the retail outlets from its own warehouse.

Industry 4.0 – Driving India to a $5 Trillion Economy
Industry 4.0 – Driving India to a $5 Trillion Economy
The logistics industry in India has had significant growth in performance since 2014; with the right combination of various government initiatives,...

End to End Solution Automates Snack Brand Operations
End to End Solution Automates Snack Brand Operations
Addverb Technologies creates automation solution, utilizing robotic packaging for product line.

Addverb Technologies News & Resources

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Addverb Technologies CEO Discusses Smart Factory Lab at Purdue University
Addverb Technologies CEO Sangeet Kumar explains his vision for the future of manufacturing and how collaborating with Purdue University will generate the necessary talent.

Addverb Partners With Amazon Web Services to Improve Performance of Warehouse Robotics
Addverb said the AWS cloud platform has shortened its development cycle for warehouse robotics from three to six months down to two to three months.

Addverb collaborates with Purdue University on smart factory
Addverb's on-campus smart factory will help students better understand how robotics and flexible automation work in various industry settings.

Addverb Opens New Educational Smart Factory at Purdue University
Addverb has outfitted a new smart factory at Purdue University's campus that includes autonomous mobile robots, fleet management software, and warehouse execution software.

Aerospace Robotics Business to Scale Up With Strategic Collaborations and New Product Launches
Aerospace robotics is a growing global market, thanks to widening distribution of advanced technologies and defense investments, reported Allied Market Research.

Addverb Showcases Micro-Fulfillment Automation at Manifest 2023
Addverb Americas CEO Mark Messina will speak in a panel on automated micro-fulfillment and autonomous routing in Las Vegas and highlight the benefits of Addverb's systems.

Addverb and Velociti Alliance Partner to Expand Footprint in Grocery Intralogistics
Addverb and Velociti are now working together as part of a push to reach more customers in the grocery store space.

Addverb and Velociti Alliance partner on automation for c-store and grocery supply chains
New partnership offers integrated solutions for picking, packing, and batching orders, leveraging technologies including mobile robots, ASRS

Automation Continues to Play a Key Role in Helping Businesses Build Resilient Supply Chains
Companies of all sizes are turning to robots to help them be more flexible in response to supply chain disruptions and continuing labor challenges.

Addverb and McMurray Stern partner to deploy warehouse robotics to customers
Combines McMurray Stern's fully integrated storage options with Addverb's fixed and flexible robotic solutions and software. The strategic partnership will focus on providing Addverb's robots, including Multi-Pro (Mother-Child Pallet Shuttle), Zippy (Guided Sortation Robot), Quadron (Carton Shuttle), and Dynamo (Autonomous Mobile Robot) to deliver streamlined and cost-effective automation systems to McMurray Stern's customers.

Addverb and McMurray Team Up to Widen Warehouse Robotics Customer Base
Addverb Technologies and McMurray collaborating to offer multiple industries McMurray's storage options with Addverb's wide portfolio of flexible automation.

Element Logic to Add Addverb Mobile Robots, Fleet Management Software to Warehouse Portfolio
Element Logic, which integrates AutoStore systems, is adding Addverb Technologies' robots to its warehouse optimization offerings.

Addverb Technologies Adds ABCO Systems as Integrator Partner for Warehouse Automation
Addverb Technologies is working with ABCO Systems to broaden its warehouse market customer base.

Addverb’s Head of New Excellence Center for Advanced Robotics R&D Discusses Innovation, Collaboration
Addverb Technologies recently opened a new robotics R&D center in Fremont, Calif., and U.S. headquarters in Irvine, Calif., to advance mobile robots.

Addverb Technologies expands U.S. presence with R&D center in Silicon Valley
Warehouse robotics company also announces the opening of corporate headquarters in Irvine, California

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