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The Active Scout Technologies’ team is comprised of transportation risk management experts that have refined the carrier monitoring and selection process. Through the company’s newest product, Shipper Shield™, shippers’ have found the resource that allows them to monitor their supply chain risk through holistic oversight, and provides the education to make decisions to eliminate exposure and engage in safe ‘next’ practices. Active Scout was perfected by the same leadership team that successfully created and manages sister company, TranzAct Technologies, Inc. TranzAct Technologies has provided freight audit and payment, logistics services and technology to shippers for over 30 years.

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Active Scout Technologies
360 West Butterfield Road
Suite 400
Elmhurst, Illinois, 60126
United States

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A New Mexico jury awarded the family of a person killed in a 2010 truck involved accident $58.5 in damages. Beyond a moral responsibility to hire safe carriers that share the road with our neighbors and loved ones, shippers are getting a slap on the wrist in a big way – to the tune of millions of dollars – for not exercising due diligence in the sourcing of their carriers.

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