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6 River Systems (6RS) is a leading fulfillment solutions provider for 3PL, multi-channel commerce, retail and B2B companies worldwide. With Chuck, the most flexible and configurable collaborative robot in the industry, 6RS empowers operators to transform the entire fulfillment workflow from putaway, to picking, sorting and packing. The 6RS solution fulfills millions of units each week for companies across North America and Europe, including DHL, ACT Fulfillment, Office Depot and XPO Logistics.

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6 River Systems
307 Waverley Oaks Road
Suite 405
Waltham, Massachusetts, 02452
United States
(866) 602 4825
[email protected]


Warehouse Technology For Today and Beyond
Warehouse Technology For Today and Beyond
In this white paper from 6 River Systems, we look at why warehouse automation is no longer viewed as a potential...

The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robotics
The Business Case for Collaborative Mobile Robotics
Based on interviews with more than 25 early adopters of collaborative mobile robots, this report assesses how collaborative mobile robots address...

“Future of Fulfillment” webinar series
“Future of Fulfillment” webinar series
From 6 River Systems' "Future of Fulfillment" webinar series, learn how Distribution Management leveraged flexible fulfillment automation to design a dynamic...

6 River Systems News & Resources

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6 River Systems Handoff a Sign for Mobile Robot Vendors to Demonstrate Value, Say Analysts
6 River Systems, which reportedly experienced layoffs around its sale from Shopify to Ocado, is an example of mobile robot suppliers striving to survive current challenges, said investors and analysts.

Ocado Group announces agreement to acquire 6 River Systems
Collaborative mobile robot provider had been part of Shopify since 2019.

Ocado to Acquire Fulfilment Robotics Provider 6 River Systems From Shopify
Ocado Group said it plans to acquire collaborative mobile robot provider 6 River Systems from Shopify, which is also selling its logistics unit, as the e-commerce industry shifts.

ProMat 2023: Materials Handling Automation Reaches a Crossroad
ProMat 2023 demonstrated not only the spread of robots and automation in materials handling, but also the strength of the industry despite inevitable economic cycles, said observers.

6 River Systems rolls out mobile fulfillment app to extend picking options outside of its AMRs
The company said the new mobile app is a major part of its software roadmap.

6 River Systems Unveils Mobile Fulfillment App to Extend Picking Options Outside of Its AMRs  
6 River Systems said the new app will help customers use its software to track their picking tasks even when they're not using a Chuck mobile robot.

Worker Collaboration Is Still Essential to Future of Industrial Automation
Human workers play an important role in the industrial automation process to help drive manufacturing and supply chain operations forward, according to robot providers.

Warehouse Technology: Today and Beyond
In order to increase operational efficiency and maximize warehouse capabilities, implementing one or more warehouse automation solutions will be crucial to success.

How to Scale Mobile Robot Fleets for Success
Mobile robot fleets are growing, and warehouse operators can benefit from scoping their projects, using robotics-as-a-service models, and orchestration software.

LEGACY Supply Chain Announces Deployment of eCommerce Fulfillment Technology Solution
The deployment of advanced automation technology from 6 River Systems, a leader in the fulfillment technology industry, consists of collaborative robots, or cobots, that help optimize fulfillment operations, support labor productivity and increase order throughput.

Warehouse Technology For Today and Beyond
In this white paper from 6 River Systems, we look at why warehouse automation is no longer viewed as a potential addition to warehouses, instead, it has become crucial to implement quickly to reduce risk and add flexibility to ever-changing business needs.

4 New Features From 6 River Systems Offer to Maximize Warehouse Fulfillment Operations
6 River Systems said its new features for its Chuck mobile robots, user interface, work areas, and accessories will enable warehouses to scale up quickly and easily.

4 Reasons Why Your Supply Chain Suffers and 5 Ways to Make It Better
Supply chains are facing challenges ranging from labor shortages to dynamic markets, but a fulfillment expert offers five tips including automation to overcome them.

8 Reasons Why AMRs Beat Traditional Automation
Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a flexible and scalable solution compared to more rigid warehouse automation solutions.

GXO Logistics Signs Global Agreement With 6 River Systems to Expand Robotics Use
GXO Logistics plans to add hundreds of Chuck collaborative mobile robots from 6 River Systems to its operations in the U.S. and Europe as it

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