The Top 7 Traits Required of a Modern WMS

In today’s competitive Third Party and Logistics industry, any 3PL WMS worth your investment should contain these 7 Traits. By 3PL Central

June 28, 2017

Sitting at the very epicenter of the supply chain eco-system, 3PL warehouses offer core functionality for the Third Party Logistics and Warehousing industry.

For a busy 3PL or private warehouse, the need to be in command of daily tasks and activities, and the ability to communicate these to their customers, requires an incredibly reliable, flexible, and robust software platform.

For most warehouses, this requires a Warehouse Management System (WMS). But, not all systems are created equal. Because the WMS is the central system you’ll use to manage orders, shipping, and control inventory, making the right choice is critical and will have a huge impact on your operations.

To help you navigate this purchase, 3PL Central has identified “The Top 7 Traits Required of a Modern WMS.” Our guide will share details on how to help you choose the right solution for maximizing customer service and satisfaction and will help you grow your business and increase sales and profitability.

The Top 7 Traits Required from a Modern WMS:

  1. The Ability to Provide Custom Branding
  2. Cloud-based Access for Customers
  3. Customized Communications
  4. Segmentation of Customer Data
  5. Billing Management by Customer
  6. 24/7 Visibility Worldwide
  7. Seamless Integration Throughout the Fulfillment Chain

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