Improving Distribution Center Metrics

Optimizing Distribution Center Operations with Right-Sized, Purpose-Built Lift Truck Fleets. By Yale

February 2, 2018

Distribution center (DC) managers are charged with delivering on increasingly ambitious service-level agreements for consumer deliveries and retail replenishment. The need for efficiency, accuracy and flexibility has never been greater. With the advent of the internet of things and big data, operations have more data than ever to assess performance.

Operational metrics enable DCs to identify latent inefficiencies and take better control of operations for improved performance when handling the peaks and daily challenges of distribution and fulfillment.

The key now is to identify the DC metrics that provide the greatest value in shaping business strategy and operations to drive customer satisfaction. This white paper presents insights from the 2016 Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) DC Measures Report and combines them with best-practice insight for managing assets in a way to elevate warehouse operations to best-in-class status.

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