Energy Efficiency in Automated Distribution Facilities

The importance of reducing energy consumption and better management of energy utilization becomes a more critical issue as energy costs escalate and logistics operations are pressured to lower operating costs without loss of productivity. By Swisslog

May 15, 2017

The advances in warehouse automation, which have enabled the tremendous improvements in order picking, order accuracy and speed of throughput required to keep pace with omnichannel fulfillment and distributed order management, have also increased the energy demands required to run these facilities.

Add to this the continual increases in energy costs, power quality issues and tightening pollution regulations, and the need for optimizing energy usage in distribution operations has never been greater.

Fortunately, concurrent with these advances in logistics automation, has been a steady evolution of innovation to more efficiently manage energy utilization and capitalize on energy recuperation in these distribution facilities.

Some of these key innovations incorporate redesigned equipment utilizing lightweight materials; speed reduction during low-load periods; low-voltage variable-speed drives; energy recuperation and sharing; avoidance of equipment simultaneous peaks; high-density product storage; and integrated system energy management.

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