Cloud Managed IT for Modern Organizations

This white paper discusses modern IT trends and explores how the Cisco Meraki portfolio of IT solutions work together to deliver a comprehensive, reliable, end-to-end IT solution for modern organizations. By Frontier Business & Cisco Systems

November 29, 2017

Modern networks are vast and complex, spanning the globe to make information available to everyone within an organization and have begun to encompass new areas of technology.

The Internet has unlocked tremendous new capabilities and technologies, but these innovations require persistent and reliable network connectivity.

Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud product for example is now widely used by businesses for its significantly lower cost and overhead when compared to on-premise predecessors.

The cloud is driving an insatiable demand for faster, more reliable network access, and for IT organizations the pressure is on.

Cisco Meraki offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed IT solutions designed to work together to help deliver a modern network that is powerful, reliable, and easy to manage.

An active internet connection and a browser is everything you need in order to manage Meraki products from anywhere, even from a mobile device.

This unique approach to IT is not offered by any other vendor and aims to simplify powerful technology by reducing the overhead and costs associated with maintaining disparate solutions.

What Cisco Meraki Can Do For Your Business

Cisco Meraki cloud based management solutions provide centralized control over both wireless and wired hardware minus the exorbitant costs and complexities commonly associated with controllers and management systems.

The cloud based management system provides features that offer the latest technological innovations and centralized management to accommodate networks of all sizes.

With Cisco Meraki You Get:

  • Improved visibility and control for an entire network using one centralized dashboard which also includes monitoring security and wireless switching devices
  • Rapid deployment of networking components using provisioning with zero touch
  • Capability to manage networks across multiple sites using network tools that are built into the centralized dashboard
  • User friendly network management interface
  • Network monitoring and alerts via automated processes
  • Intuitive search tools that allow network administrators to use a network tagging engine that allows for targeted setting searches by tag name
  • Configurable network administration tasks (by role) enabling easy auditing of change logs
  • Automatic updates that are delivered from the cloud
  • A cloud managment solution that's extremely secure and highly available, having met critical compliance standards such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

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