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2017 Supply Chain Trends

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A pool of over 150 supply chain professionals were asked about their transportation plans, challenges and opportunities for growth in 2017, the results provide insight into a wide range of issues and shed light on what supply chain managers plan to focus on in the coming year. By CSX

Trends Setting the Stage for Growth in 2017
The majority of supply chain and transportation professionals surveyed (71.5%) have a favorable economic outlook for 2017.

Respondents are focused on both growing their business and reducing costs - a sometimes tricky balancing act.

Consumers’ omnichannel expectations and the growing e-commerce trend are viewed favorably as potential growth drivers.

Positive Outlook for 2017
Growing opportunities within the e-commerce space, coupled with a strong U.S. dollar, are making supply chain leaders optimistic for the future.

Respondents state negative trends, such as rising fuel costs, could thwart this optimism.

Respondents are optimistic for 2017, but also realistic.

They understand they must balance conflicting supply chain priorities and goals with ongoing optimization strategies and tactics if they are to take full advantage of 2017.

Supply chain managers are looking for ways to maximize productivity while minimizing risk to their supply chains and bottom lines.

Reducing supply chain costs is a top priority.

In addition, companies are looking to improve service, streamline processes and increase their transportation footprints - all of which can be difficult when trying to cut costs simultaneously.

These challenges are especially pronounced for freight decision makers, who must worry about both price and service.

Supply chain leaders are looking to leverage automation, explore emerging technologies and incorporate multiple modes of transportation into their freight mix to gain an edge for their organizations in 2017.

Three Economic Trends Set the Stage for Growth
Which Market Trends Have the Potential to Positively Impact Growth?

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