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American Apparel was looking for a smarter way to meet their goals and, from what they had learned, item-level RFID looked like precisely the solution they wanted. Given the control the company has over its own manufacturing, distribution and retail operations, the plan was to reap the benefits of RFID not only on the retail floor, but throughout its closed loop supply chain.

SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer is a planning tool which is used to plan and optimize supply chain processes. Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling, Global Available to Promise and Transportation management & vehicle Scheduling or Transportation Planning & Vehicle Scheduling.

Item-level RFID is becoming a competitive differentiator for several leading companies in the retail supply chain. Chain-wide rollouts by a number of North America’s largest clothing retailers are a clear sign that this technology will soon be broadly adopted by the industry.

XRS Turnpike, the fleet management and optimization technology that delivers 360-degree, real-time information at a truly affordable price. Turnpike puts the future of trucking in the palm of your hands.

DC operations are continually under stress to reduce costs and improve throughout. The solution for many DC operators is to create and study detailed documentation of each functional area within the DC operation - the maps and metrics.

Gaining authorization to invest in DC improvements, including automation, is a challenging endeavor in most organizations. Overall economic conditions, along with individual business concerns such as availability of capital, competing capital projects and myriad obstacles potentially stand in the way. This white paper outlines the key requirements for development of an effective business case that will increase your likelihood for receiving senior management support.

UPS commissioned a study by comScore polling more than 3,100 online shoppers to gain insight into the consumer online shopping experience. Unlike most customer experience surveys, the study evaluates consumer shopping habits and preferences from pre-purchase to post-delivery, including areas such as free shipping and returns.

We no longer manufacture; we have things manufactured off-shore and brought into our country. “Globalization is changing the world in ways that we may not yet fully comprehend. For the United States, the enactment of new free trade agreements, the downsizing of our manufacturing base, and consumer demand for inexpensive products are all affecting both jobs and the environment, especially in those regions with ports and transportation corridors designed to distribute imported goods... the United States “is becoming nothing more than a distribution economy, importing, moving and selling consumer goods”

This report focuses on gaining visibility into critical elements across the end-to-end logistics network for improving cost and service. But before a company can reduce inventory or landed cost, it needs visibility into them. Only then can it apply tools to agilely adapt to the information it collects.

This report focuses on gaining visibility into critical elements across the end-to-end logistics network for improving cost and service. Before a company can reduce inventory or landed cost, it needs visibility. Only then can it apply tools to agilely adapt to the information.

Nearly 10 years of collaboration between MIC and Panasonic Europe have led to one of the most extensive customer in-house implementations among MIC's customer base.

A Global Trade Management (GTM) solution is characterized by software and services that integrates and synchronizes the end-to-end global trading process. Spanning the services provided by point software solutions and logistics partners, next generation solutions must focus on providing business benefits across the entire international transaction. Enabled by new technologies based on open standards, the integration of legacy systems, and new web-based services, Global Trade Management will open information flows and enable new business strategies.

A high number of products, with fast-changing product line, high seasonal fluctuations and fastest-possible transit times – the fashion industry deals with these challenges like no other industry. And KNAPP, like no other system partner stands for highly-efficient solutions in this field.

Whether in the service sector or in industry – the demands on modern sortation and distribution systems are constantly increasing. Complex material distribution technology, flexibility in sorter tasks, the ability to adapt to local conditions and efficient order picking all play important roles. With sophisticated designs, BEUMER offers individualised system solutions with powerful software that impress with their profitability, speed and precision.

Dynamic Operations refers to global networks that respond to changing events by smoothly reorienting themselves. When market opportunities arise or disruptions occur (supply interruptions, financial turmoil, market shifts, weather disturbances), processes at any node can be modified.


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