Tapestry Solutions GOLDesp Load Planner

This paper and case study details how Advanced Load Planning GOLDesp Load Planner enables organizations to quickly create effective and efficient load plans for multi-modal operations. By Tapestry Solutions

October 23, 2018

Load Planning Made Easy - Intelligently Manage Load-Planning Operations

GOLDesp Load Planner is a premier software tool that enables organizations to quickly create effective and efficient load plans for multi-modal operations for ocean, air, rail and ground cargo.

The web-based software provides end-to-end supply chain visibility through information visualization, in-transit cargo visibility, and distribution forecasting and planning.

Used in numerous private sector industries and projects, GOLDesp Load Planner links load planners throughout an enterprise and authoritative data sources to enable near real-time collaboration in support of deployment and distribution operations.

GOLDesp Load Planner increases the efficiency of transportation planning performance - saving time and resources and improving safety measures by incorporating expert computer agents that offer technical solutions to complex problems.

These software agents monitor various stages of the load-planning process and suggest solutions to problems as they arise, notifying users of issues with load plans, such as improperly stowed hazardous materials or weight imbalances impacting the stability of a ship or aircraft.

The solution leverages technology developed for the Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES), which serves as the Single Load Planning Capability for the US Department of Defense.

GOLDesp Load Planner Benefits

  • Improved visibility of operations
  • Multi-modal load planning
  • Real-time tracking and notifications
  • Minimized safety risks and hazards

Major Defense Contractor Case Study

Enhancing ERP System Logistics Support Using GOLD

GOLD was selected by the defense contractor for its robust inventory management and repair tracking capabilities.

Tapestry Solutions worked closely with the customer to form a project team comprised of Tapestry Solutions’ subject experts, customer IT management, functional leaders and power users.

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