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Supply Chain’s New World Order

This white paper details how companies can leverage the cloud for predictive and actionable supply network operations, integrated financial measurement, and integrated business planning. By One Network Enterprises

The Need For a Holistic Approach
Enterprises face a conundrum in the optimization of their supply network performance.

While many have driven significant improvements over the past few years through the application of advanced tools, processes, analytics, and measurement systems, how can they ensure that they are progressing from ‘good’ to ‘great’ in their market opportunities, their customer service levels, and their financial performance?

Many organizations have participated in worthwhile measurement initiatives such as SCOR or the Balanced Scorecard.

Yet despite these advances it is still difficult to normalize and compare performance metrics given the geodemographic, product, financial, political, and socio-economic differences they face in each increasingly competitive national, multi-national or global market.

As today’s practitioners know, supply networks appear to be straightforward on the surface, using normalizations such as SCOR’s Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return.

But upon deeper examination many components require real time integration, coordination, and collaboration in order to deliver on a higher level of performance.

Enabling Next-Generation S&OP

At One Network we have combined the best of all measurement methods with an advanced IBP capability which will provide significant competitive advantage at the enterprise level..

The innovation is using KPI’s as drivers rather than just indicators of past performance, interpreting financial ratios in real time and simulating a series of scenarios to improve their future outcomes.

The capabilities are driven through a dashboard supported by the platform described above which was seamlessly architected so that any IBP level scenario planning could drop right into transactional execution.

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