Making the Case for a Modern-day Transportation Management System

By leveraging the functionalities of a feature-rich, user-friendly TMS, companies can not only reduce their freight spend, but can also improve service levels, streamline their logistics functions and gain more control over their end-to-end supply chains. By 3Gtms

June 5, 2017

Did you know that most transportation management systems (TMS) in use today were originally designed and built around 20 years ago?

That’s right. Long before words like Cloud, e-commerce and mobile would become part of our everyday vernacular, software designers were unknowingly working on solutions that would endure more than two decades of use.

What those software developers couldn't anticipate at the time were the technological and business transformations of the modern era. And while it’s always good to know that your investments can stand the test of time, all products have a lifecycle and the longer it is extended the harder and more difficult it is to keep up.

In fact, it can be downright expensive, timeconsuming, and debilitating for the shipper or logistics provider that is still using a TMS that was born during what some would consider the last, pre-dot com millennia.

The good news is that there is today a Tier 1 TMS built using the latest development tools and trends.

Currently in the growth stage of its product life cycle, 3Gtms’ featurerich, user-friendly platform stands apart from solutions that are over the product lifecycle ‘hump’ and in the “mature” or even end-of-life stages.

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