Lightning-Fast Integrations, Greater Visibility Drive Growth and new Business

3Gtms continues to develop features and functions to further improve FloPath’s customer offerings and value proposition. By 3Gtms

May 30, 2017

As FloPath was building its service offerings, it sought a cutting-edge transportation management system (TMS) to provide mid-market transport and logistics customers with a comprehensive solution that supported the complete “order to settlement” lifecycle.

Jeff Auslander, CEO and Managing Partner of FloPath, is an industry veteran and experienced with a range of Tier 1 TMS companies and systems.

“I knew the strengths and shortcomings of lots of other TMS systems,” said Auslander. “And I knew I didn’t want a TMS that comes from a factory-like environment, where you have to play in the vendor’s box and you’re very limited.”

FloPath took a close look at the 3Gtms transportation management system and the team behind it. Auslander was convinced his team would receive more attention from 3Gtms and avoid becoming another faceless customer, as had happened in the past with other Tier 1 TMS vendors.

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