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Biodiesel: A More Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Approach to Freight Transportation

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G&D Integrated

An in-depth look at the growing use of biodiesel in today's transportation and logistics networks and the ease with which shippers can tap into this valuable resource. By G&D Integrated

With the goal of reducing their carbon footprints and running environmentally-sustainable operations, a growing number of shippers are turning to alternative fuel options for their transportation networks.

As a renewable, clean-burning fuel that is increasing U.S. energy independence, biodiesel is not only a viable alternative for fleet owners, shippers, and third-party logistics companies, but it also presents a full array of benefits that no fossil fuel can touch.

“We’ve been using biodiesel in our fleet for years, mainly because of our customers’ increasing concerns about environmental sustainability,” says Vince Buonassi, group manager of transportation programs for third-party logistics provider (3PL) G&D Integrated. “In fact, more and more of our customers are asking for it and bringing up the topic of biodiesel these days—it’s definitely a growing trend.”

With reduction of all major emissions, greater energy independence, and 10 times less toxicity than table salt as just a few of the main benefits of biodiesel, this sustainable, renewable fuel resource also enhances engine life and provides superior lubricity for lower engine wear.

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