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2017 Top Ten Trends in Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing

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The 2017 Top Ten Trends for Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing is based on interactions with hundreds of manufacturers and industry experts - addressing challenges, supporting innovation and introducing technologies - the constant, key themes that rise to the top are digitization, synchronization and visibility. By Synchrono

Demand-Driven Manufacturing is a method of manufacturing primarily used by discrete, custom manufacturers, where production is based on actual demand (orders or consumption) rather than a forecast.

This is enabled through a synchronized, closed loop process between customer orders, production scheduling, and manufacturing execution - all while simultaneously coordinating the flow of materials and resources across the supply chain.

The key components of Demand-Driven Manufacturing are synchronization and flow.

Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturers are today’s truly Lean thinkers. While they are continuously improving, they are also innovating.

Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturers realize that this combination not only gives them an advantage in the marketplace, but it drives their efforts to work smarter, more profitably and exceed expectations.

Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturers embrace technology, but with a different lens. Solutions, not just systems, drive progress.

2017 Top Ten Trends

  1. Digitizing the Shop Floor
  2. Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility
  3. Multi-Plant, Enterprise Wide Visibility
  4. Smart Data, Smart Decisions - Managing Big and Not So Big Data
  5. Automating Manual Processes
  6. Real-Time Communication Processes
  7. Compliance and Traceability
  8. Actionable Metrics
  9. Solutions vs. Systems
  10. Cloud Technology; SaaS Delivery

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