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What End-To-End Logistics Planning Looks Like?

“We’ve got a problem! Truck 53 just broke down and those shipments need to go out today!” By Sriyani Rao

Sound familiar (“We’ve got a problem! Truck 53 just broke down and those shipments need to go out today!”)?

Do you have additional trucks on the same route or adjoining routes to take over the shipments?

Or would you risk missing your delivery deadline while waiting for the truck to be fixed?

With end-to-end logistics planning, you wouldn’t need to worry.

You will be able to respond quickly to road disruptions, vehicle breakdowns, port congestions, brutal weather conditions, and driver shortages.

But responding to disruptions is just one small part of the big prize.

Quintiq has put together this amazing infographic to give you a snapshot of what end-to-end logistics planning really looks like and how this positively impacts your profit margin.

Take a look below:

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