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Henrich Logistics replaces its mechanical levelers with air-powered levelers

The levelers do not require any electricity to operate, thereby reducing Henrich Logistics’ installation costs. By MMH Staff

For years, Henrich Logistics operated with mechanical levelers at its loading docks. But, as operations grew, the company knew it had to upgrade to a more efficient leveler.

As president of the company, Howard Henrich researched the use of air bag or hydraulic levelers and discovered they came with the added cost of installation. He wasn’t keen on the expense of installing electrical power at the back of every single pit—especially since his staff was planning to install the levelers themselves. So he turned to a dock supplier for advice on alternatives for his loading dock needs, as he had eight dock positions planned.

The installation of levelers can have high costs, particularly if electrical installation is also required at each pit. To keep costs down, Heinrich Logistics chose levelers that operate with compressed air, either from existing plant air or with a dedicated compressor. When used with a pneumatic push-button control, these levelers do not require any electricity at pits to operate, thus reducing costs.

To increase simplicity, Heinrich opted for a dedicated compressor for the new levelers. In addition to the compressor, the levelers also feature a push-button operation that removed his team’s need to bend over to pull a chain or to walk the leveler down to the trailer bed.

Additionally, without any of the heavy duty springs that its previous mechanical levelers required, Henrich Logistics now needs significantly less maintenance—as well as replacement parts—throughout the lives of their levelers.

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