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Sprint to Digital Success

In this year's keynote address, A.T. Kearney principal PS Subramaniam will explain why digitization is likely in your future, and how to launch digital sprints that can deliver quick and tangible outcomes without having to predict the future or rewire your entire IT infrastructure.

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Session 1
Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain solutions can be married with ground-breaking innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks. In this session, we aim to define Blockchain technology; determine it's potential in logistics supply chain management; and unlock the benefits it may hold for the future of our operations.

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Session 2
Cloud-based TMS

Cloud TMS solutions are far more accessible and affordable to shippers, the adoption rates are still surprisingly low despite the new ease of adoption. In this session, we set out to detail the myriad benefits TMS offers logistics organizations and then go into depth on the new advantages Cloud TMS.

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Session 3
3PL Evolution

In this session, we take a deeper look at how the world's 3PLs are adjusting to help shippers upgrade their transportation management IT; offer omni-channel fulfillment support; tackle mounting returns issues; and management end-to-end logistics solutions designed to keep today's retailers on the cutting edge.

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Session 4
Last-Mile Challenge

In this session, we aim to put the number of growing last-mile options into perspective and take a look at a few new technologies and subsequent strategies for solving the ever-evolving last-mile challenge.

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Session 5
GTM in the Digital Economy

Global logistics and supply chain operations are going to need more support than ever in navigating the continuous and ever shifting flow of global trade. in this session learn how GTM can help mitigate risk and smooth operations

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Session 6
Robotics in Supply Chain

In this session we'll take a snapshot of the current materials handling and logistics robotics market and focus in on the three elements driving market adoption: collaboration, mobility and dexterity.

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