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Updating Existing Warehouse Equipment and Software Can Mitigate Today’s Fulfillment Challenges
Organizations can future-proof their current facilities in a way that optimizes material flow, enhances efficiencies, and makes better use of existing space.

Turning Existing Warehouses into Efficient, Optimized Fulfillment Machines
New report highlights equipment usage in the modern warehouse, the key material handling challenges that operators are dealing with, and explains the value of retrofitting to optimize existing facilities (versus building new).

Automation as a Cold Chain Labor Strategy
More companies with refrigerated and frozen temperature-controlled facilities are adopting automation as a means to enhance the productivity of their existing team.

Best Practices for a Successful Cold Storage Automation Implementation
With many economists predicting that the extremely low pre-pandemic unemployment rates will continue once the world reaches the “new normal” of the post-pandemic, warehousing and distribution operators are looking for alternatives.

Automation: An Effective Labor Strategy in Cold Chain Warehousing and Distribution
While many workers fear their jobs will be lost to automation, the reality is that automated solutions enable operations to increase productivity without increasing their headcount.

AS/RS Modernization Reduces Downtime and Saves Thousands of Dollars at Food Service Facility
Modernization extends useful life of the facility by 20 years at one-tenth the cost of replacement.

Automation Considerations for Frozen Product Storage
Four ways automated pallet storage solves throughput issues in frozen product storage areas.

Why Upgrading Your Current WMS/WCS Software is a Smart Investment
An investment in upgrading an existing WMS/WCS within your warehouse and distribution center will not only address technical and business issues, but will also yield myriad benefits for a company and its operations.

Modernization Secures Terex Cranes’ Ability to Deliver
New WMS, control system and mechanical components help automate Terex Cranes production warehouse system.

Modernization of KSB’s Warehouse Results in Enhanced System Efficiency
Software, conveyor and AS/RS retrofit results in ten percent increase in efficiency and higher performance for pump manufacturer's supply warehouse.

Food Manufacturer’s Upgrades Support Expansion Objectives
Leclerc Group's entire operation's productivity and throughput dramatically improved.

Upgraded Cold Storage AS/RS Boosts Productivity and Labor Efficiency
Cold storage automated pallet storage facility implemented and modified by viastore systems to support new customers’ handling and order profile requirements.

4 Reasons for Making the Case for Automation
This simple guide helps to determine where to start automating to achieve the biggest impact for the lowest investment.

viastore Speeds Up Supply Chain of Kaeser Compressors
Kaeser Compressors systems have increased in efficiency thanks to viastore's turnkey systems and software.

The Value of Automating Your Frozen Storage Warehouse
Intelligent systems to keep the cold constant, the quality high and energy use low.


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