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2022 Top 5 Trends in Labeling
This report outlines the significant shifts in labeling that are impacting today’s businesses and global supply chains.

How You Can Fix Messy and Chaotic Supplier Collaboration
The paper is a must-read for supply chain professionals looking to strengthen collaboration through automation and advanced technologies.

Taking a look back at Modex 2022
Modex, held March 28-31 in Georgia's World Congress Center, was by all accounts a success. Here's a look back at Modern Materials Handling's Show Daily coverage of the event.

38th Annual Salary Survey: Salaries begin to rebound
A confluence of factors—labor demand that’s outpacing supply, worker retention challenges, rising e-commerce sales, supply chain shortages, and relatively healthy economic conditions—have led to a rebound in supply chain salaries.

Automatic Data Capture (ADC) at the edge
Automatic data capture just got a new ally: the edge. The technology allows everything from scanners to voice systems to process data on the edge of where it is collected. The result is real-time decisions that deal with reality, not a plan that no longer applies.

Modex 2022. That is a wrap!
After a two-year absence and a pandemic, Modex came roaring back.

2022 MHI Annual Industry Report is released at Modex
Nearly 80% of supply chain leaders say their digital transformation has accelerated due to the pandemic, according to an industry report released today by MHI in collaboration with Deloitte.

JLL report highlights the supply and demand imbalance for industrial real estate space
The report—entitled “The race for industrial space: Can supply keep up?”—focuses on the challenges that industrial real estate stakeholders are up against, at a time when industrial space availability continues to trend down.

MODEX is back in action
After a 2-year hiatus, live trade events return and automation is the star of the show.

MHI to preview 2022 MHI Annual Industry Report during MODEX keynote
During the keynote, Thomas Boykin of Deloitte will join John Paxton, CEO of MHI to present the findings of the 2022 report that details the innovations that are revolutionizing supply chain investments amid on-going disruption. This is the ninth MHI Annual Industry Report released by MHI in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting.

North American ‘big box’ transactions continue to gain traction, reports CBRE
In its “North American Overview,” CBRE looked at the 23 “most dynamic” North American big box markets, finding that big box transactions represented 450 million SF across these markets (in the United States, Canada, and Mexico), marking a 29% annual gain over 2020’s 350 million SF.

Take a Two-Step Approach to Build a Flexible Supply Chain
The highest value is delivered when shippers and 3PLs align on goals, getting the right truckload and LTL shipments on the right trucks at the right time for the right price.

7 business-boosting benefits of cloud labeling
Learn how standardizing your labeling in the cloud can benefit your business.

Supply Chain Survey: Talent and labor on the rise
The labor crunch is a serious issue, not just for front-line employees in DC and other supply chain sites, but when it comes to higher-level supply chain talent, too. We surveyed supply chain professionals and found less than one-third feel their companies are highly prepared to handle demand with current staff, while two-thirds have increased wages to try to retain more people.

2022 Warehouse/Distribution Center Equipment Survey: It’s “go time” for investment
Warehouse and DC managers are feeling the pressure of e-commerce growth, high order volumes, as well as deep concerns around labor availability and international supply chain snarls. In response, our survey found that they’re ramping up spending for automation—but also spending more on their labor force to ensure an adequate pool of workers to keep goods flowing.


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