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UPS-owned Ware2Go and Gap Inc.‘s Platform Services collaborate on fulfillment for SMBs
Ware2Go and Gap Inc.'s GPS Platform Services partner to offer SMBs access to world class fulfillment centers, where advanced technology, automation and robotics can deliver a scalable network

Data Study: Peak 2022 Trends & Tips Report
The holiday shopping season will start earlier than ever this year with consumers continuing to prefer shopping online.

Ware2Go merchant survey points to unprecedented holiday season
More than one-third of respondents opened an online store for the first time in past six months, while 74% expect to see an additional spike in demand during the holiday season this year. Ecommerce fulfillment challenges include on-time delivery.

Q&A: Steve Denton, Ware2Go CEO
Logistics Management Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently caught up with Steve Denton, CEO of Ware2Go, a UPS-backed company comprised of a nationwide network of certified warehouses, technology to streamline fulfillment across sales channels, and a flexible business model that eliminates long-term contracts and order minimums. Denton provided an overview of Ware2Go's service offerings and how his company is working with different companies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ware2Go study: Online shoppers buying from more sellers and broader categories
Merchants are pivoting from a business-to-business (B2B) to a B2E (business to everyone) model, with unique shipping, logistics and fulfillment requirements.

Need for Faster Deliveries Could Open the Door to More On-Demand Warehousing Services
As the pressure mounts on retailers and logistics companies to meet ever-faster delivery times, the idea of on-demand space within warehouses is gaining traction.

Leveraging On-Demand Warehousing & Fulfillment to Drive Growth Across Your Supply Chain
For the growing business that finds their supply chain and fulfillment workflows limited by operational or financial bottlenecks, the question becomes; how can I manage costs while still acquiring the tools necessary to support expansion?

How Online Commerce Is Disrupting Industrial Supply
This study provides a unique understanding of how industrial buyers identify suppliers such as industrial distributors, manufacturers and e-marketplaces, their satisfaction with existing suppliers and their propensity to change suppliers in search of improved value and service.

Acceleration in Warehousing Costs Shaping Greater Efficiency and Technology Innovation
Constrained capacity, wages, and tariffs are driving warehousing costs higher while technology innovation is shaping the warehouse faster than ever.

Big Picture: On-Demand Warehousing Prepares for Takeoff
It’s a simple concept. Warehouse space sized to a company’s immediate needs and located close to the final customer. That combination is making on-demand warehousing a powerful alternative to long-term warehouse arrangements for companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startups.

On-demand Warehousing Ready to Be a Game Changer
Flexibility is the name of the on-demand warehousing game. Sure, it’s in early stages, but the potential is enormous.

UPS Launches Technology Company and Platform to Match Merchant Needs with Flexible Fulfillment
Aimed toward connecting small and medium-sized companies with warehouses, Ware2Go recruits and certifies warehouses for traders, letting them amplify to new places and stay alongside new ecommerce transactions.

UPS rolls out on-demand U.S. fulfillment network geared towards B2B E-commerce
Global transportation and logistics bellwether UPS announced today it has rolled out a new technology company and digital platform focused on matching available warehouse space and fulfillment services geared towards merchants shipping online orders to their customers quickly. Entitled Ware2Go, UPS said that this new offering leverages its various custom e-commerce solutions for both small- and medium-sized shippers.


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