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US Transportation Secretary Launches Council to Support Emerging Transportation Technology
The Non-Traditional and Emerging Transportation Technology Council will work to identify and resolve jurisdictional and regulatory gaps which will help bring the technology to commercialization.

U.S. Department of Transportation 2019 Budget Highlights
Under Secretary Chao’s guidance, DOT is leading the development and deployment of innovative practices and technologies that improve the safety and performance of the Nation’s transportation system, this paper highlights of efforts supported by the President’s FY 2019 Budget request.

Bill Gates Spends $80 million to Create a “Smart City”
An investment firm run by Bill Gates has put down $80 million to develop a planned community in Arizona, the community will integrate technology and high-speed data into its "smart city" infrastructure.

Smart City Challenge: Lessons Learned
The response to the challenge was unprecedented - we received 78 applications. Cities from Albuquerque to Anchorage and Providence to Portland took the Challenge as an opportunity to create blueprints of their cities’ transportation futures.

Transportation Secretary Chao Says Infrastructure Plan Coming ‘Pretty Soon’
At the Milken Institute Conference, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and real estate developer Richard LeFrak, discuss the Trump administration's infrastructure agenda including the possibility of raising the gas tax to help pay for rebuilding America's infrastructure.

A Blueprint to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure
The Senate Democrats’ “Blueprint to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure” would make a historic $1 trillion federal investment to modernize our crumbling infrastructure and create more than 15 million jobs that our economy desperately needs.

Smart Mobility: Shaping the Future of Logistics
By challenging American cities to use emerging transportation technologies to address their most pressing problems, the Smart City Challenge aimed to spread innovation through a mixture of competition, collaboration, and experimentation.

Apple Receives California DMV Permit to Test Autonomous Vehicles
The California Department of Motor Vehicles on Friday added Apple to the list of companies with permission to test self-driving vehicles in the state, suggesting that the company is pushing through with work on "Project Titan."

Accelerating the Next Revolution in Roadway Safety
Technology in transportation is not new, in fact, the airplane, the automobile, the train and the horse-drawn carriage all introduced new opportunities and new complications to the safe movement of people and goods.

Trump’s $1T Infrastructure Plan Still ‘Up in the Air’
Over 10 years, President Trump has promised to generate $1 trillion in infrastructure spending, and with two of his other top campaign pledges in trouble, infrastructure appeared to be an area ripe for bipartisan compromise, so we thought!

Hyperloop Commercial Feasibility Analysis
This report provides a high-level evaluation of hyperloop in terms of its commercial potential, environmental impact, costs, safety issues, and regulatory issues and to identify hurdles to its commercial and/or operational feasibility.

Hyperloop One Unveils its Transportation Vision for America, Details 11 Routes and Global Challenge
Executives from Hyperloop One joined leading policymakers and transportation experts to reveal details of select Hyperloop routes in the United States and to initiate a nationwide conversation about the future of American transportation.

FedEx’s Fred Smith Again Leads Push for Twin 33s
Truckload carriers typically use 53-foot single trailers, have no operational need for the twin 33s and view FedEx CEO Smith’s efforts to allow twin 33s as a waste of valuable political capital in the lobbying arena.

USDOT Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Presentation of Technical Results
The presentation provides estimates of the magnitude of the potential impacts if changes were made to current federal Truck Size & Weight (TS&W) limits.

The Senate Democrats $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
Senate Democrats say their plan is expected to create 15 million jobs, with $210 billion allocated towards repairing aging roads and bridges and $200 billion for “a vital infrastructure plan” to finance transportation projects of national significance.”


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