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Walton College’s Supply Chain Graduate Program Ranked No. 2 In North America
The supply chain management graduate program at the Sam M. Walton College of Business has been ranked No. 2 in North America by research and consulting firm Gartner, which ranks the undergraduate and graduate logistic programs every two years.

Breathing New Life into the Retail High Street with Micro Fulfilment Centres & Robotic Automation
Could micro fulfillment centers and robots breathe a new glorious life into the High Street, turning the problem of returns from online retail into new opportunities, I say 'yes they can.'

C.H. Robinson Initiates Leadership Transition
Scott Anderson Appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer, Bob Biesterfeld to Step Down as President and Chief Executive Officer, and C.H. Robinson Board of Directors Initiates Search for Permanent Successor.

Three Predictions for Ecommerce Brands & Third-Party Logistics Providers in 2023
As we head into 2023, more and more analysts predict the potential for a recession, which could create challenges for ecommerce brands and third-party logistics, 3PL providers alike.

Transportation & Logistics Companies Gain Significant Benefits from Technology Investments
Transitioning a trucking or logistics enterprise to a virtual work environment was not an overnight process, but as companies gained momentum they also found ways to scale their operations to maximize efficiencies.

Finding Stability in a Turbulent Truckload Market
While there are many positive signs moving forward, the truckload market is inherently volatile and cyclical, and the market constantly balances shifts in supply and demand.

How Supply Chain Can Teach Us About the Future of Professional Education
Labor problems are currently one of the most pressing issues in society, especially when it comes to finding talented people for current and future jobs.

Mitigating Supply Chain Disruption in the Wake of Severe Weather and Disasters
Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, wildfire, tsunami, or another type of severe weather or disaster, if you work in transportation or logistics, you are undoubtedly aware of the supply chain challenges that arise in the aftermath of such events.

Is Industrial Real Estate Recession-Proof?
Some experts argue that low unemployment, record corporate earnings, and GDP growth in Q3 indicate that the U.S. is not yet in a recession, many economists agree that a recession is coming soon.

Electric Trucks are Poised to Tackle the Pressures of E-commerce
Electric lift trucks are evolving to deal with pressures wrought by e-commerce, including labor shortages and higher handling volumes, through high- and low-tech means.

6 Lessons from CSCMP EDGE 2022 to Improve Shipping Freight & Supply Chain Inefficiencies
CSCMP EDGE 2022 was one for the books, with the conference being held in Nashville it was the perfect place for supply chain professionals to gather, discuss transportation challenges, and brainstorm creative solutions.

How Seasonal Changes Impact Freight Embargoes
As unexpected weather-related events become more common, what are the chances that freight embargoes could disrupt a somewhat upbeat outlook?

Reimagining The Way Goods Move - Uber Freight’s Next Chapter in Logistics Transportation Management
Our newly combined organization brings Uber Freight and Transplace products and services together under the new Uber Freight Platform, a first-of-its-kind logistics solution and partner that unlocks unprecedented supply chain reliability, resiliency, and optimization.

The Results of StrongArm Technologies 2022 Industrial Athlete Workforce Report
The total cost of workplace injuries in 2020 amounted to $163.9 billion and there were 2.7 billion nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported that year alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How the Hybrid Network Becomes a Reality for the Future of Freight Transportation
It’s clear that everyone in the supply chain needs better options to keep goods moving and evolve their business operations in 2022 and beyond, this industry urgency is converging with important advancements in autonomous trucks and marketplace technologies, providing us with a preview of what’s ahead.


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