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What to Look For In a Transportation Management System
Most standalone transportation management systems are too limited to encapsulate the tiered complexity of an international, multi-segment supply chain, but technology that can integrate and converge transportation with other supply chain functions, such as order management, set the new industry standard.

Making the Move to a Transportation Management System Software-as-a-Service Platform
Making the Move to a TMS Software-as-a-Service Platform - Your guide to understanding the value and benefits of moving to a TMS SaaS now.

New Emerge offering focuses on data-driven decision-making for shippers
Entitled Emerge Benchmarking, the company explained that this Machine Learning (ML)-enabled product updates and aggregates freight industry data from “numerous trusted sources,” equipping shippers with real-time business intelligence and market insights, in order to quickly evaluate options and also make informed decisions.

Bringing Integration and Automation to Spot Freight Procurement
DHL Supply Chain’s Capacity Connect aligns shippers with available capacity.

5 Costly Mistakes Logistics Executives Make When Choosing a Transportation Management System
When choosing a transportation management system having a technology strategy in place will ensure you ask the right questions, avoid costly mistakes, and select the best option for your business.

Research Brief: TMS Tackles Supply Chain Challenges
Download this research brief where we share their pain points and critical priorities and how they are working through these obstacles leveraging technology such as transportation management systems (TMS) to effectively manage all shipping activity.

Transportation Insight Holding Company releases a new free TMS
The company said that this TMS is part of its Beon digital logistics platform, which was released in early March.

3 Ways Transportation Management Systems Have Evolved
In this article, we detail some of the key ways transportation management systems, tms has developed to provide greater intelligence and optimization across the multi-party ecosystem, improving flexibility, agility, and resiliency.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Update: SCM keeps the supply chain wheels turning
Supply chain management software has become the solution of choice for companies as they ride out the ongoing pandemic and plan for the future.

Transportation Management System Solution Guide
Access this brief guide to MPO's Transportation Management Solution, benefits, capabilities, and differentiators - including an Order-Centric TMS checklist.

Using Digital Platforms to Empower Customers
Flex Ltd., an electronics contract manufacturer, went from making reactionary to strategic decisions across an extensive global network and empowered its customers using a Transportation Management System as part of a global cloud platform for supply chain orchestration.

10 FAQs on Transportation Management System (TMS)
Use this FAQ to explore the most common questions we hear about transportation management systems (TMS) to make the best, most informed decision for your business needs and goals.

RoadOne IntermodaLogistics acquires EHS LogisticSolutions
RoadOne officials said that EHS Trucking and EHS Truck & Trailer will be renamed as EHS LogisticSolutions. And the company said that Ed Worley, President & Founder of EHS Trucking Enterprises, LLC., will serve as an advisor to EHS LogisticSolutions, and Mike Lemere serve as Senior Vice President and the daily operations of the EHS LogisticSolutions.

TMS Update: Disruption fuels growth
Managing transportation just got harder. Here’s how TMS is proving its worth in an otherwise challenging environment.

How Modern Logistics Companies Turn COVID Chaos into Long-Term Business Efficiency
COVID persists and supply chain operations are not expected to break from the current mode of remote workforce operations, however, smart operators are creating new opportunities by adopting forward-looking TMS solutions.


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