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Scheduling Standards Consortium set to address needed freight API standards
Three household names in freight transportation and logistics announced they are partnering up in the name of standardization by establishing what they said is the first set of freight-focused appointment scheduling application programming interface (API) standards.

5 Tough Love Tips for Choosing the Best TMS Software
Acquiring the best transportation management system for your company’s present and long-term success is doable, but it requires a certain amount of due diligence and change in perspective.

What you need to know for a better ROI
Check out this white paper to learn the critical components of a TMS selection process.

Emerge taps DAT for rate benchmarking for its Emerge Dynamic RFP platform
Scottsdale, Arizona-based Emerge, a provider of its proprietary Digital Freight Marketplace (DFM) and TMS focused on accelerating productivity and increasing visibility for supply chain stakeholders and freight procurement, recently announced, that it has tapped DAT Freight & Analytics, operator of the largest North American-based truckload freight marketplace, with a database of $137 billion in annual market transactions, as the exclusive branded truckload rate benchmarking service for Emerge’s Dynamic RFP platform.

New Convoy offering focuses on increased depth and insights into shippers’ freight
Entitled Hi-Fi visibility, the company explained that this offering gives shippers detailed, real-time updates across trailer pools and shipments hauled by Convoy-connected carriers, as well as robust analytics geared towards improving supply chain health. Shippers are able to access Hi-Fi Visibility through TMS integrations, APIs, and Convoy’s shipper platform, said Convoy.

See Why Outsourcing Transportation Management Is Right For You, Right Now.
This webinar will discuss the pros and cons of alternative outsourced logistics models (3PL, etc.) and introduce the concept of Logistics as a Service (LaaS).

Yard Management Systems (YMS): Bridging the gap between warehousing and transportation
Focused on improving visibility while also managing challenges like the labor shortage and supply chain disruptions, more shippers are turning to yard management systems (YMS) to optimize communication between their WMS and TMS applications—and seeing terrific overall service improvements in the process.

6 Questions Your Company Should Ask
A successful supply chain network design gives companies a competitive advantage by pinpointing ways to significantly reduce costs, improving service levels, reducing overall cycle times, and streamlining all processes and systems.

Global Logistics/3PL Special Digital Issue 2022
The paramount importance of 3PL partnerships.

Strategic partnership between NTG and Flexport focuses on supply chain visibility
Atlanta-based Nolan Transportation Group (NTG), a provider of non-asset, tech-enabled logistics and brokerage services, and a subsidiary of Transportation Insight, and San Francisco-based freight forwarding and customs brokerage services provider Flexport, said they are collaborating on a strategic partnership focused on integrating their respective technologies, with a focus on “greater visibility across supply chains.”

Arrive Logistics announces the opening of a new San Antonio office
Company officials said that this office can hold up to 350 employees and represents what Arrive called a continuation of its strategic expansion goals, driven by more than $300 million in funds raised in 2021.

Armstrong data points to record-breaking 2021 3PL revenues
The trio of strong consumer demand, ongoing supply chain bottlenecks, and tight carrier capacity worked in tandem to drive air, ground, and ocean transportation rates to all-time highs in 2021, with shippers turning to third-party logistics (3PL) services providers on various fronts, including inventory replenishment and avoiding stock outs, according to a new report recently issued by Milwaukee-based supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates.

Emerge announces the opening of a new Atlanta-based office
The company said that this new office will help to expand Emerge’s North American presence, along with its Scottsdale headquarters and Boulder, Colorado location, in order to “expand coverage for its growing and diversified customer base” and shipper and carrier service offerings.

Accurate, Reliable, Real Time Transportation Visibility that Helps Inventory Management
Please join aThingz in this panel discussion to learn about their Real Time Transportation Visibility Solution for International Shipments and how it is providing accelerated business value for their customers.

Convoy and MercuryGate announce partnership expansion
Convoy officials said that this initiative is focused on helping freight brokers on various fronts, including: automating the brokerage process, controlling costs, and accessing elastic capacity from more than 400,000 connected trucks via its Convoy for Brokers tool, which enables brokerages to post loads directly to its digital freight network, access our elastic capacity, and expand their carrier base while maintaining their relationships with shippers and carriers and ensuring the privacy of their data.


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