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Is Apple Working on a Trump Contingency Plan?
A closer look at Apple's supply chain shows you that it's a combination of foreign talent, huge labor forces and weaker laws protecting workers that really put together an iPhone and make Apple the company it is today.

A Case Study of Apple Computer’s Supplier Hubs: A Tale of Two Cities
The supplier hub alternative was particularly intriguing because it provided the additional benefit of allowing Apple to decrease the amount of inventory on its books, by negotiating with suppliers to defer payment for incoming materials until the day of use.

The 7 Principles of Supply Chain Management
“The Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management” provides a clear and compelling case for excellence in supply chain management. The insights provided here remain remarkably fresh even ten years after its original published date.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Supply Chain on Fire
In its rush to beat rival products to market, notably Apple's new iPhone, which launches tomorrow, Samsung Electronics has accelerated new phone launch cycles, but its haste is raising concerns that it fell short on quality testing.

Google Overtakes Apple as Most Valuable Company
Alphabet Inc easily beat Wall Street's quarterly profit forecasts, helped by strong mobile advertising sales, sending the shares of Google's parent higher in after-hours trading to surpass Apple Inc as the most valuable U.S. company.

Apple Suppliers Hope to Tap Into New ‘3-D Touch’
Apple assemblers in Asia and U.S. could gain earnings boost, if devices are a success - the new touch technology is expected to bring in new demand to the supply chain and it could be a catalyst to stimulate smartphone demand.

Apple iPhone Sales Slack Says Supply Chain Leak
Apple Inc. will release a new iPhone this week, and Wall Street will be watching the firm for signs of growth, or its opposite.

Apple’s Supply Chain Reportedly Delays New iPhones 1-2 Weeks, Possible September 9 Launch Date
Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are allegedly coming in September of 2015, with upgraded A9 processors, a stronger outer shell, Force Touch integration, an improved camera, and more.

Supply Chain Management: The Three Point Stance, Back to the Basics
Warehousing, transportation, and labor aren't going away, you still have to move goods.

Has ‘Supply Chain Strain’ Become The New Norm?
In the consumer-driven world of high-tech gadgetry the struggle to meet demand is regarded as an endorsement of a product’s popularity, however, from a reputational perspective, a stock surplus would probably be more damaging to the company’s brand, than a supply shortage.

Apple Learning To Make Self-Driving Electric Car
The Cupertino, Calif., company has several hundred employees working secretly toward creating an Apple-branded electric vehicle, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Fantastic Apple Car Is a Fantasy
Forget the iWatch, Apple Pay, and the iPhone 7…the next big thing from Cupertino will be the Apple Car.

Postal Workers Overwhelmed By Flood of Amazon Sunday Deliveries
The U.S. Postal Service is straining to keep up with the volume of packages being delivered on Sundays, with some carriers complaining of 12-hour days and weeks without a single day off.

Apple Watch Supply Chain Gearing Up Production
Chip suppliers involved in the supply chain of the Apple Watch are gearing up to start production for the upcoming wearable device, according to industry sources.

What Supply Chain Could Possibly Get 150 Million Products Onto The Global Market?
If a company produces a top-selling product on the back of hundreds of suppliers, it has to be incredibly well organised, it also makes the company susceptible to mistakes, one hiccup in the supply chain and the whole thing can come crashing down.


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