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Materials Handling Salary Survey 2022: Higher salaries, more bonuses & better working conditions
Our annual salary survey examines the compensation, job and career history, job responsibilities and career satisfaction for materials handling professionals.

Stressed-Out Supply Chain Managers Looking Elsewhere for Career Development
According to various reports, the separation rate increased by 28% last year, and supply chain ‘burnout’ spurred people to search for higher-paying jobs.

ASCM’s 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report
The 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report show a bright outlook for those in the supply chain, with the salary gap narrowing for people of color and women at public companies, salary and compensation increases, and high job satisfaction.

FREE Download: The Complete 2022 Salary Survey Report
Logistics Management is proud to offer the complete results and analysis of our 38th Annual Salary Survey.

Take a deep dive into ASCM’s 2022 salary and career report on The Rebound
On this episode of The Rebound, Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock reveal the results of ASCM’s annual salary survey: Hint, it's a good time to be in the industry.

It’s good to be a CSCO on The Rebound Podcast
On this episode of The Rebound, ON Partners' Kevin Burns says it's never been a better time to be in supply chain.

38th Annual Salary Survey: Salaries begin to rebound
A confluence of factors—labor demand that’s outpacing supply, worker retention challenges, rising e-commerce sales, supply chain shortages, and relatively healthy economic conditions—have led to a rebound in supply chain salaries.

LM Viewpoints: 38th Annual Salary Survey show numbers on the rebound
For the 38th year running, Logistics Management (LM) is using its April issue to share the findings of our Annual Salary Survey, the clearest, most comprehensive snapshot available of logistics management salaries and employee development needs available in the market. As in years past,

Materials Handling Salary Survey 2021: Amid challenges satisfaction stays strong
Our annual salary survey for materials handling professionals asks about issues including pay, staffing trends, stress levels and job satisfaction. Even with pandemic disruption and robust e-commerce growth posing constant challenges, compensation and satisfaction stayed strong.

2021 Salary Survey: Satisfaction in a job well done
Our findings tell us that shippers are feeling a renewed sense of purpose and are now concentrating on building more resilient careers due what they just experienced.

37th Annual Salary Survey: Salaries level-off
Given the number of managers furloughed without pay during the first part of the pandemic, analysts were hardly surprised that salaries remained fairly stagnant in 2020. At the same time, our survey reveals a resiliency pointing to raises in this year of recovery.

Materials Handling Salary Survey 2020: Satisfaction on the rise
We asked and you told us what you’re paid and where you see your career path heading. And, considering all that’s happened in the past few months, you’re generally upbeat. Read on to see where you fit in our survey.

36th Annual Salary Survey: Earning more, but enjoying less?
Job satisfaction took a hit this past year, as more logistics managers were loaded with additional tasks and business objectives. Salaries continued to climb, however, suggesting that demand for these skill sets has never been higher.

Opportunity knocks: 12th-annual materials handling professionals salary survey
Materials handling professionals continue to enjoy the industry’s exciting pace of innovation and are hungry to tackle the challenge.

This month in Modern Materials Handling: Ramp up investment, training and pay for retention
Over the past decade, Peerless Research Group (PRG), commandeered by 30-year research veteran Judd Ashenbrand, has been staying on top of the behaviors, attitudes and trends shaping the warehouse, distribution and supply chain management markets.


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