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Cognex joins OSARO’s partner program to enhance pick-and-place robotics
Combination of OSARO’s AI-driven SightWorks vision and control software and Cognex’s DataMan scanners helped achieve over 99% accuracy on Zenni Optical's high-throughput fulfillment line

3PL Innovating at Radial Paving the Path to Automation
Listen in as Deb Williams, Radial’s regional vice president of fulfillment service delivery, discusses why the global 3PL is adopting NextGen technologies. Executive editor Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Special Digital Issue: Warehouse/DC Robotics
In this Special Digital Edition, the editorial staff of Modern curates the best robotics coverage over the past year to help track the evolution of this hot market.

SoftBank Group and Symbotic establish “warehouse-as-a-service” joint venture
Joint venture, GreenBox, aims to expand access to Symbotic warehouse automation systems to broad range of customers through new “as a service” offering.

AMR provider ForwardX Robotics closes out $61 million in Round C funding
Collectively, ForwardX has raised about $140 million since its founding in 2016. The AMR provider has deployed over 150 commercial projects and 3,000 robots across four continents.

Put walls help drive innovation in the warehouse
A look at how put walls are keeping pace with the rapid advancements in automation and robotics to help companies fill orders faster and more efficiently.

Food and beverage challenged to do more with less
Consumers have more products, sizes and options available than ever before. They can buy online or in-store, and they need it now. On the flip side, costs have never been higher, and labor has never been scarcer. Technology and automated solutions can turn these challenges into opportunities.

Software helps robots play nice
The latest robotics software trend is platforms that specialize in orchestrating interactions between different robotic systems and other “agents.” This multi-agent orchestration niche involves multiple players with varied approaches—but they all promise to smooth handoffs and speed up automation onboarding.

OSARO and Mission Design & Automation partner to deploy robotic solutions
The move blends OSARO’s AI-powered SightWorks vision software and control technologies for robotics with Mission’s expertise in designing and deploying specialized robotics solutions across a broad array of applications in warehouses and fulfillment centers, such as depalletizing, kitting, and bagging.

‘Steady’ growth of 5-7% forecast for global industrial robot market
Interact Analysis study finds long-term demand for industrial robots to be fueled by the electric vehicle manufacturing sector.

Delivering a performance edge to warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers
Join this informative webinar to learn of new mobility, automation, and sensor technologies and new ways of applying existing technologies can make this achievable.

How to Tell When It’s Time to Update Your Warehouse Design
Instead of moving into a new facility, many companies may be able to gain higher efficiency, throughput and cost savings by updating their current operations.

CoEvolution’s project with retailer Lotte brings its multi-fleet robot deployments to over 50
Founded in 2019, CoEvolution offers multi-vendor robot fleet orchestration software, a solution type expected to grow rapidly over the next several years. The latest move by CoEvolution is its launch into the US market, becoming a US incorporated business and establishing a new office in Seattle.

Hy-Tek Intralogistics named Exotec’s 2023 Global Integrator of the Year
The inaugural award recognizes integrators that continuously drive success, value, and return on investment for joint customers.

Brightpick robots to automate order picking, consolidation and dispatch for Rohlik Group
Major Europeon e-grocer Rohlik to deploy Brightpick's solution across multiple sites after successful pilot in its Prague fulfillment center. The solution includes Brightpick Autopicker and Brightpick Dispatcher autonomous mobile robots and enables Rohlik to fully automate picking, consolidation and dispatch of orders.


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