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Intelligrated’s Alvey Robotic Palletizers Achieve a 76% ROI for Kelly-Moore Paint Company
Intelligrated Kelly-Moore Paint Company Case Study - Alvey Robotic Palletizers help the 5th largest paint company in the US yield big dividends with a 76% return on investment in the first year.

Intelligrated’s Alvey Robotics Lab
The Alvey Robotics Lab, a 5,000-square-foot research and development lab located at our St. Louis, MO facility, focuses on concepting and applying new robotic innovations, as well as offering customers access to equipment testing and demonstrations prior to installation.

Hartness International Robotics
Hartness International offers premier automation solutions for a wide variety of applications. We’ve assembled a team of leading robotic specialists from around the world to create innovative, vertically-integrated automation systems. Hartness stands out in the industry with our fully-integrated robotics.

Robots in the Warehouse and Expanding Beyond Outdated Materials Handling Logistics Processes
Larry Sweet of Symbotic and Chris Ray of Hartness International presented their work in robotic applications of material handling in distribution centers covering the historical applications, the market drivers that are challenging these approaches and the emerging software and mobile robotic technologies that are attempting to solve these problems.

American Packaging Automates with Unmanned Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks
When American Packaging finished their 100,000 square foot operating and storage space expansion, it led them to investigate ergonomic alternatives to transportation with manned forklifts. With a growing footprint, the need to move printed materials further distances with speed and safety was essential. American Packaging had to add labor or automate—APC chose to automate their plant with Robotic Industrial Trucks.

Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks Make Top 50 Robotics Business Review
Robotics Business Review is the number one resource reporting and analyzing up-to-the-minute business developments, technology developments and financial transactions across the fast-changing landscape of global robotics. This insider's edge to must-have business and industry news with Robotics Business Review recently announced that Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks made the Top 50 list.

New Robotics Roadmap Presented to Congress
A new Roadmap for U.S. Robotics was presented to the Congressional Caucus on Robotics on March 20. The new Robotics roadmap, organized by the Robotics Virtual Organization, includes updates to the sections on manufacturing, healthcare/medical robotics, and services.

The Massachusetts Robotics Revolution
The MassTLC Robotics Cluster has grown dramatically in recent years, covering a broad spectrum of robotics companies, from large leaders that are selling successfully to consumer, industrial, and government markets to start-ups and early-stage companies that are launching exciting next-generation robotics products and systems.

Westcoast Warehousing Improves Picking Operations with Pick-to-Light Devices
Westcoast Warehousing turned to Bastian to automate and improve their picking process. After learning more about Westcoast Warehousing's operation, light-directed picking was chosen as the best solution to improve productivity, reduce errors, and decrease employee training time.

OPEX Perfect Pick a Revolutionary Picking Solution Based on Proven iBOT Technology
OPEX's Perfect Pick™ is a unique, automated, high-speed, goods-to-man, piece picking solution based on proven iBOT™ delivery technology. Perfect Pick dramatically improves the rate and efficiency that goods move through a warehouse or distribution center.

Robotics Solutions for Materials Handling Applications
Dan Kara, Founder of RoboBusiness, contributing analyst to Robotics Business Review (RBR) and President of Electra Studios, discusses the very latest advances in robotic technology for a variety of material handling applications and how these solutions are improving productivity and quality levels.

Quiet Logistics Offers “In-Sourced” Managed Services
Quiet Logistics, the eCommerce fulfillment provider of choice for premium brands in the fashion and apparel, health and beauty, and home goods sectors is pleased to announce its expansion into Managed Services. Managed Services make the technology, business processes, software systems, professional services and resource management skills that Quiet leverages in its own third-party logistics facilities available to clients inside their own warehouses.

Motion Control Association announces 2013 board members
The Motion Control Association (MCA), the global trade group representing the motion control industry, announced its 2013 Board of Directors on February 21st during the annual MCA Business Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Automate 2013 reaches a record number of attendees
Collocated with ProMat, Automate's 62% boost in attendance reflects a rising global interest in automation.

Association for Advancing Automation launches new website
A3 is the umbrella trade association for RIA, AIA, and MCA.


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