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Dates set for ProMat 2025
ProMat 2025 will be held March 17-20, 2025 at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Autonomous lift trucks emerge
From labor shortages to demand for ever-improved operational flexibility, this typically ignored class of trucks offers a chance to rethink your processes and even how you approach materials handling.

Demand for warehouse automation soars
Companies are turning to automation to help them gain greater efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in material handling operations.

2023 State of Robotics: Measurable performance and integration come into focus
There were hordes of robots at ProMat 2023, but what are they doing for operations in terms of high-value applications, and how do they integrate to help material flow? To find out, we asked a few exhibitors about the top warehouse robotic apps and trends.

Talking Materials Handling: The state of robotics
Listen in as Crystal Parrott, chair of The Robotics Group at MHI, discusses the state of warehouse robotics and MMH’s annual robotics survey, Executive editor Bob Trebilcock hosts.

Finding the Right Automation Partner
Making the business case for automation and selecting the right solution isn’t easy. But with the right partner, you can trust that your future will be in good hands and that the right systems will be implemented and maintained going forward.

ProMat C-Suite Interview with Dave Szczepanski: The field of robotics comes to life
ProMat 2023 was a virtual playground for all things related to warehouse and fulfillment robotics.

C-Suite Interview with Francisco Moreno Velo: The growth of automation in logistics
Demand for automation remains high in the logistics and supply chain sector despite the broader economic trends.

ProMat 2023 – The Chinese are coming
At this year's ProMat, Modern met with three of the more than two dozen Chinese solution providers in Chicago to learn what they’re bringing to the U.S. market

ProMat 2023: Let’s integrate all the robots
Unleash the Power of Robotics to Overcome Your Labor Challenges. Explore the Latest Automation and Robotic Solutions at ProMat 2023.

When will warehouses fully embrace robotics?
Everywhere you turned on the ProMat conference floor, there was a robot lifting something, putting something away, or transporting an item from one place to another.

C-Suite Interview with Joe Colletti: Integration is the name of the game
Logistics and supply chain professionals attended ProMat 2023 with some key goals in mind as they work to set their companies up for success.

ProMat 2023 – Automation at a crossroad
Is conventional automation poised for a comeback?

ProMat 2023 – Automation at a crossroad
It’s one of the most exciting times in our industry

ProMat 2023 Insights: Integrated robotics direction seems well-matched to the times
Labor availability issues remain a core driver for warehouse automation and robotics, but ProMat exhibitors were also talking up analytics, algorithms, and digital twin modeling as a means of containing costs in inflationary times.


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