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Penske Logistics is taking steps to expand its freight brokerage operations
The company said that it is adding staff associates and opening up new locations in Chicago, Illinois and Edison, New Jersey.

U.S. logistics business costs rise by 22.4% to $1.85 trillion in 2021, new report says
American supply chains are out of sync while adjusting to short-term changes in demands. But logisticians continue to seek long-term solutions to supply chain issues, an authoritative new report predicts. But the biggest headline from the 2022 State of Logistics (SoL) report unveiled today at the National Press Club in Washington shows that U.S. business logistics costs rose by a whopping 22.4% to $1.85 trillion last year. That represents 8% of 2021’s $23 trillion Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

U.S. business logistics costs fall 4% in pandemic year of ‘chaos,’ new study finds
U.S. business costs, buffeted by a COVID-decimated year of “chaos” worldwide in 2020, fell 4% to $1.56 trillion. That amounted to 7.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), nearly an all-time low, according to a new authoritative report on the logistics sector.

Penske Logistics announces it plans to acquire Black Horse Carriers Inc.
Established in 1925, Black Horse Carriers serves the food and grocery, retail, bakery, dairy, CPG, manufacturing, and automotive sectors. Black Horse has more than 4,000 people and operates a trucking fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles, and services customers from more than 90 terminals across the United States.

31st Annual State of Logistics: Resilience put to the test
As we roll through 2020, logistics managers are fending off COVID-19 worries and adapting to the new realities. However, a new report warns against single-sourced supply chains and cites the need for more flexibility in adjustments to economic upheavals.

2019 Third-Party Logistics Study: The State of Logistics Outsourcing
The 2019 23rd Annual Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Study examines the global outsourced marketplace and leading trends for shippers and 3PLs in the logistics industry.

Evolution of E-commerce: The possibilities of tomorrow
We know e-commerce is reshaping logistics, but what are the technologies savvy managers can leverage to meet evolving requirements and shifting operational constraints? We’ve rounded up insights from leading analysts to share tools that are available now as well as what’s on the horizon.

The 21st Annual, 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study
The results and findings of the 2017 21st Annual Third-Party Logistics Study provide current perspectives on the nature of shipper and 3PL relationships, why they are generally successful and some of the ways in which they could be improved.

Transportation and Logistics Analysts Are Telling Shippers to Expect Less Rate Volatility in 2017
Trade and transport analysts see a turnaround in last year’s negative market outlook, but as global GDP continues to gradually strengthen, carriers in all modes will be challenged to manage capacity while maintaining service levels, furthermore, sudden shifts in trade policies and agreements may also have an impact on rates.

A Wide-Ranging Look at the Role of Third-Party Logistics in Different Supply Chain Areas
The 2017 21st Annual Third-Party Logistics Study shows that shippers and their third-party logistics providers continue to move away from primarily transactional relationships and toward meaningful partnerships.

Ecommerce Has Shippers at a Strategic Crossroads
The findings from the “25th Annual Trends and Issues in Transportation and Logistics” suggest that three complex, interrelated supply chain elements - transportation, technology, and organizational structure - are major contributors to the indecision of committing to a direction.

The Third-Party Logistics Arena is Booming
C. John Langley Jr., Ph.D., who serves as a director of development at the Center for Supply Chain Research at the Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University, shares his views on what this means for today’s supply chain manager.

2016 Third-Party Logistics Study
The 2016 20th Annual Third Party Logistics Study shows continued collaborative and positive relationships between shippers and third-party logistics providers, which have been developing since the study began 20 years ago.

State of Logistics 2016: Pursue mutual benefit
While it’s currently a shippers market, the authors of this year’s report contend that we’ve entered a “period of transition” that will usher in a realignment of capacity, lower inventories, economic growth and “moderately higher” rates. It’s time to tighten the ties that bind.

2015 Third-Party Logistics Study
The study identifies trends and explores how both 3PLs and shippers are using these relationships to improve and enhance their businesses and supply chains, was influenced by industry executives and experts from around the world.


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